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Have a Frisians Cocktail

With the coming seasonal festivities at the end of the year, it is appropriate to serve you a flavorful cocktail. It is a cocktail from the list ‘Myths of Nations’, namely the ‘Frisians Cocktail’. 5,803 more words


You killed a man? That'll be 1 weregeld, please

Medieval Frisia. An area stretching from the river Vlie in the Netherlands to the river Weser in Germany. The title of this blog post was a verdict of around the year 1100, concerning the slaying of a man. 2,912 more words


Liudger, the first Frisian apostle

Liudger succeeded where other evangelists failed. He finally managed to convert the pagan Frisians to Christianity, because he “spoke their language”. Did he really? A very thorough study from… 1,933 more words


One of history’s enlightening hikes, that of Bernlef

No, this blog post is not about the Westfrisian writer Hendrik Jan Marsman (1937-2012) whose pen-name was Bernlef. Nor is this blog post about the student corporation Bernlef in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands. 6,204 more words


Porcupines bore U.S. bucks

On May 5th, 2018, it was exactly two centuries ago that Karl Marx was born. When in 1867 the good man published the first part of Das Kapital, Marx was actually 1,300 years too late to turn the tide. 7,674 more words


Finally, King Redbad made his point in the European Commission - via Facebook

“I can not live without the company of my forefathers”, Redbad said in an interview in 718. In 2018 this sentence caused turmoil in the social media and the European Union. 1,373 more words


Dux Bellorum test drive: Two Shieldwalls

So this is part 3 of a three wargame test of shieldwalls using two rulesets – Ancient & Medieval Wargaming (AMW) by Neil Thomas and Dux Bellorum (DuB) by Dan Mersey. 1,679 more words