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Video: A tour of the AZW battlefields of Nyezane, Gingindlovu and Eshowe

This video looks at the battlefields of the Coastal column during the British invasion of Zululand. Nyezane, Eshowe and Gingindlovu are little known battles but fascinating and well worth a visit. 71 more words

British Army

Rorke's Drift: A video tour of the battlefield

If you’ve seen the film “Zulu” then you’ve heard of the battle of Rorke’s drift. It was one of the most celebrated engagements of the colonial era and saw 11 Victoria crosses awarded to the defenders. 84 more words

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The battlefield of Isandlwana: A video tour

In this video Christian Parkinson gives a tour of the battlefield at Isandlwana, site of one of the British army’s worst and most well known defeats. 137 more words

British Army

Isandlwana, The Zulu Victory. Part 4.

Dead skies.
A partial Solar eclipse now hits the camp, a stillness seemed to come over the atmosphere, in the camp chaos reigned. It was said that it was as if God had closed his eyes for grief to look upon the slope of iSandlwana. 3,675 more words

19th Century

iSandlwana: The Zulu Victory part 3.

The Battle of iSandlwana began by accident on the 22nd of January 1879. The large Zulu Impi, resting from their arduous march from the royal capitol at oNdini in the Ngwebeni valley just east of the iSandlwana Mountain, were intending to keep a low profile until the next day but fate intervened. 4,104 more words

19th Century

The Pink Globe

The spectacular Zulu Memorial at Blood River showing the shields of the different chiefs.

One always likes to think of one’s country as a peaceable entity, and one’s fellows as a smart friendly race that brought civilisation to a waiting world. 346 more words