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Most of us in the metapolitical game have heard about the Amerimutt: This idea that we as Americans are this rootless mass of randomised genetic strands floating about in a stew. 4,390 more words


William Physick Zuber

Last Surviving Veteran of the Army of San Jacinto

William Physick Zuber by Jerkins, 1910. Photograph by me.

Fighting for Independence
William Zuber immigrated to Texas with his family in 1830. 234 more words


Texas Votes for Secession

Texas was the seventh state to secede from the Union – the last to do so before the firing on Fort Sumter. Sam Houston, governor at the time and an ardent Unionist, had delayed… 303 more words


The Spindletop Oilfields

The Lucas Gusher at Spindletop Hill [source]

Anthony Lucas was convinced there was oil in the salt domes around the Gulf of Mexico. He was the leading expert on the salt domes and, despite the prevailing wisdom of geologists, he kept drilling for oil. 252 more words


Samuel Ealy Johnson, Jr.

Portrait of Samuel Ealy Johnson, Jr., 1907. LBJ Presidential Library. [source]

More than a Farmer
Best known as the father of Lyndon Baines Johnson, … 459 more words