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Outlook of Brazil's nuclear energy industry

Following the global trend, Brazilians are consuming more electricity. Per capita electricity consumption in Brazil has grown strongly from under 1500 kWh/yr in 1990 to nearly 2700 kWh/yr in 2011. 953 more words


Best of 2015: The Albums

Halfway through 2015, I suddenly realized the new profit model of record labels is more in effect than ever. Not unlike last year, most of the releases I was looking forward to were either live records or re-releases, while less and less effort is put into giving promising young artists a chance. 3,027 more words


Album of the Week 52-2015: Angra - Rebirth

For a country that has such passionate Power Metal fans, it’s remarkable that Brazil doesn’t have more bands of the caliber of Angra. Then again, not many bands in the genre worldwide are as good as Angra is. 490 more words


Angra "Black Hearted Soul" Videoclip del día

Os dejo con el nuevo videoclip de Angra “Black Hearted Soul” del album “Secret Garden”


Nozone Angra Logo Tshirt For Men Unique Casual Shirts

If you are wondering how to design your business logo, then it should be known that for obtaining a competent logo you need to appoint a Graphics Designer. 224 more words

Today’s Mail – 14th August 2015

Two days in a row of mail – thank goodness for sunny days. We really needed a break from the monsoonal rains so flood waters can dissipate a bit and we can all dry out somewhat. 710 more words

Collecting Worldwide

Angra - Kashmir [Led Zeppelin]

Angra is one of those bands that I think of when I think of well done covers… 269 more words

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