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O primeiro passo...

A realidade materializou-se em dados estatísticos. Os resultados são ainda piores do que a intuição e percepção previam. A bomba caiu e rebentou com força suficiente para abalar noções, fazer perder o orgulho no trabalho já feito e semear uma nova forma de pensar. 38 more words


Hard Rock Music Time Machine – 1/26/17

Hard Rock Music Time Machine – 1/26/17

Each Thursday, Hard Rock Music Time Machine takes a journey back in time to feature a variety of songs that date back as far as the ’70s. 974 more words

Hard Rock Music Time Machine

ANGRA - Aqua (2010)

Reviewed by: Schuyler L.

Assigned by: Victor Guimarães

It’s November the 9th, 11:48 AM, and I’m listening to sounds of “Aqua” by the band Angra. It’s raining, I have a lurking feeling of nausea that won’t go, and this sincerely feels like the worst day possible to be living in the free country of U.S.A. 518 more words

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Sharnagat Vatsal the Maharshi Saubhari Rishi

शरणागत वत्सल थे महर्षि सौभरि

ऋषियों को वेदों ने प्रजापति के अंग-भूत की संज्ञा दी है; उन्हें जन्म से ही सच्चे धर्म का ज्ञान था एवं आचरण भी उसी के अनुरूप होता था। वे त्रिकालदर्शी होते थे। … 10 more words

History Of Maharshi Saubhari Rishi

Angra #2 (1892)

Angra or, to use it’s full name, Angra do Heroísmo, is a city on the island of Terceira in the Portuguese Autonomous Region of… 395 more words

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A YEAR IN MUSIC: ANGRA - Secret Garden (2014)

Review by: Victor Guimarães

OK, I reckon that if you’re not a metal enthusiast, it’s unlikely you know Angra. But let me give you a short intro to this Brazilian metal band. 549 more words

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