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Nintendo Vs. YouTube

Nintendo, widely considered as being the company that innovated home console gaming in the 80’s and became the undisputed champion for the console gaming market for many years. 695 more words


Angry Joe is right about Nintendo

As an aspiring YouTuber I have grown to enjoy and really respect the work, artistry, and thoughtfulness that Angry Joe puts into his videos and show (WARNING: He uses foul language on the regular). 547 more words

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Le youtubeur Angry Joe en rogne contre #Nintendo (Le Monde)

Epic fail (« grosse boulette ») : Angry Joe, auteur sur YoutTube de chroniques de jeux vidéo et dont la plupart des vidéos sont vues plusieurs centaines de milliers de fois, a publié samedi 4 avril une vive critique contre Nintendo. 9 more words

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Angry Joe vs. Nintendo, major YouTuber calls out console developers "anti-gamer" policies

Joe Vargas, best known as Angry Joe in Internet circles, is angry (surprisingly). The video embedded above (NSFW) will be Joe’s final Nintendo video. He recently got some of his friends together to play Mario Party 10, uploading some of the stream to his popular YouTube channel. 508 more words


Gamescroller News Debrief: 07/04/2015

Good afternoon fellow gamers I am now officially back from seeing family and able to return to my schedule as usual, though if I have done everything right you shouldn’t of noticed too much disruption! 122 more words


Angry Joe gives up on Nintendo

The popular Youtuber Angry Joe made a video a few days ago stating that he will no longer be making videos showing of Nintendo products. This is in response after his Lets Play video on Mario Party 10 was taken down due to copyright laws. 155 more words


Opinion-Bytes: Angry (Joe) Rant

Angry Joe swears off Nintendo coverage for good… But who’s he kidding?