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Indigo Tries Angry Orchard Crisp Apple!

8 out of 10

Would recommend for anyone who likes refreshing drinks. Also serves as a fantastic substitute for beer.

Angry Orchard has it’s orchard in Walden, NY. 736 more words


Food Geek Review: Red Robin's Limited-Time treats

Now, usually in the Food Geek review I’ll hit up a local spot, or a food truck.  But those are admittedly kind of niche items, you have to be here in Virginia to try them.   780 more words

Cozy as Flannel Crock Pot Chili

Fall is perfet for comfort food and warm delicious chili while watching football (or reading while your signficant other does). I’ve perfected my chili over the few years and love making this recipe! 461 more words


Iceman Hard Cider - Angry Orchard (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

Iceman Hard Cider – Angry Orchard, 10% ABV, 750 ml., … 270 more words


Let's get into this drank!

Ok, it’s no secret ya girl loves a great cocktail, hence CocktailsnChatter.  My favs are Pink panties, Margarita on the rocks…well a margarita any way it’s served with a good tequila is a good rita to me, a decent glass of wine and more recently… 372 more words

cheap + local: the angry orchard

When you don’t want to spend (lots of) money but you want to still experience life and all its facets,  you’ve gotta get creative. 236 more words