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On Angry Women

We are taught early on that no one likes an overwhelming woman. Or, a woman who is too much, all over, all of the time. We are taught to keep our voices lowered, to avert our eyes, to please and thank you, to keep our dresses clean and stay with our mothers. 382 more words

21 Tips to Release Self-Neglect and Love Yourself in Action

The following article speaks to the condition of so many women, and the multiple roles we play. We juggle being mothers, lovers, and workers. We carry our friends in our hearts and oftentimes we give of ourselves simply for the sake of giving. 788 more words

Anger Management

Boy Dumps Girl…The Unexpected Aftermath

So this situation panned out a little differently to what I was expecting.

What was meant to happen was the girl was supposed to be sad as normal but then become a stronger, better person after the break-up. 302 more words

The Long Difficult Trek to 61 Days of Calm

Honestly, I have had a pretty rough introduction to the New Year. From having to make some painstaking decisions in freeing myself from toxic codependence, to my mom being hospitalized, and then the loss of my baby cousin, I quickly realized this year was going to require true grit if I plan to survive with my sanity in tact. 203 more words

Anger Management

Angry women in hospitals

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

I’m not sure of the reason there are so many angry women in hospitals, but they seem to be everywhere – in reception, nursing staff, cleaners, bed movers, shit-scrapers, laundry people, even in the hospital cafe. 738 more words

A Vision of Love

Sometimes I wonder how many fights are caused by a common discourtesy. You know, that moment where you rush to take a tinkle or handle any other pressing business when you discover the only bath tissue available to you are the two starter-sheets stuck to the roll? 82 more words

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