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First Impressions: The Female Man

These are my first impressions after reading The Female Man by Joanna Russ (1975) in June of 2014. This book will be addressed in a later essay. 383 more words

First Impressions

Of Gods & Men

Women are too melodramatic to deal with…

Men are too proud and hasty…

Yes as a woman you would say that..

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Short Story

Why Don't We Trust Angry Women?

We’ve seen everyone from political candidates to movie stars lose their temper from time to time. And while they may suffer some temporary condemnation, depending on the situation, most manage to escape with their reputation intact. 1,038 more words


My accidental discovery for PMS relief

In a time not so long ago, I decided to do a little soul-searching. I was inspired to begin a fast in an effort to find mental and spiritual clarity for the next season of my life. 537 more words

Anger Management

Calm today, calm tomorrow

I don’t think I’ll ever understand this phenomenon of human behavior. It’s like Annie famous song, Tomorrow, where our instinct is to pinpoint the source of our happiness as something we don’t have at the present moment.   126 more words

Anger Management

Don't do these 3 things when you're angry

  1. Don’t sleep on it
  2. Don’t vent
  3. Don’t ruminate

Source: Parent Herald.

These are 3 simple but powerful points to employ a little damage control. Of particular personal note, the point on rumination reminds me of the power of meditation. 57 more words

Tips And Strategies

Tips for Coping With Divorce-Related Anger

There is not a lot I can add to the article referenced below. As an attorney who deals with family law on a daily basis, I can relate to often being invited into the cyclone of rage for the intended use as an instrumentality of vengeance. 1,764 more words

Anger Management