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Reasons to Not Make a Woman Mad

*I do hate flash photography but it was too early in the morning for the sun to be awake where I’m at. Anyway…here is a definite reason not to make a woman mad. 79 more words

Through The Lens

Feminine Rage

Yesterday while sharing on Facebook the cavalcade of emotions that have been running through my body of late (anxiety, panic, deep grief, depression, paralysis, irritability, all-out rage), it seems I hit a nerve.  1,136 more words



The word reverberates in my mind

I’m not really offended about being called strident

I’ve been called worse

Believe me

Bitch and I are old, old friends… 85 more words


Reclaiming Abstraction From The Dude-Bros: Louise Fishman At Cheim & Read

“I feel kind of bad for AbEx…It’s vulgar, it’s the phallocracy, it’s nothing but an empty trophy, it celebrates bourgeois subjectivity, it’s a cold-war CIA front, and well, basically expression’s really embarrassing. 1,363 more words



Niggahz swear that if they wear nice shoes and have slung in over a dozen pussies in their lifetimes, that they are the shit. When will men quit it with the short comings? 615 more words

Women Descend On Young Lady, Beat Her In Public; Dog Joins To UnCloth Her (Photos)

A young lady was beaten mercilessly by a group of angry women publicly in broad daylight.

The victim who was surrounded by her community women… 77 more words


There is no such thing as Nerodiversity just as there is no such thing as vaccine injury

I am not a guy who will blaintely say “I’m autistic, you better accept me”, I’m more of “I’m autistic, I’m broken and I have to accept that I will not be able to do much things like other people. 572 more words

2017 - Present: Civil Rights Crisis