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Men Are Not Worth It

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After the events that happened to Cardi B last night (just Google Cardi B-Rolling Loud Festival), I have decided that men are just not worthy to be entertained in any sort of romantic fashion. 126 more words



I write today because my heart is filled with so much pain and sorrow.  Life is very challenging for me right now.  I have lost focus at home and work.  118 more words

Damsel In Distress

You stress me out

You stress me out

You make me grind my teeth

After all this time

I finally realize it’s not healthy for me… 127 more words


Motorist Tells Angry Cyclist He Can Use Cellphone Safely, Then Hits Another Car

A Scottish bicyclist who filmed a motorist using a cellphone while driving, then confronted him about it, watched the driver crash into another car moments later ― after the man seems to claim he can safely drive while fiddling with the phone. 16 more words

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Kho Âm Thanh

The English Teacher

I was top set English.. I mean… not to boast or anything (…sorry) . Then my school decided to mix sets – by the way I don’t mind mix sets it’s just interesting to try it out when I’ll be doing exams soon. 198 more words


I’ve decided to eat the cheesy puffs.

I’m struggling with food right now.

It stares at me,

Blinking and daring.

I feel it gain on my gut,

Loose on my hips.

But I’ve decided to eat this maize… 226 more words