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That One Scar.

“It was a day of power-packed joy. The echoes of loud yet sweet laughter were heard. Indeed, my friends and I were legit having the time of our lives at the restaurant, eating our hearts out and reviving high school memories that were full of ups and downs, yet more than worthy of cherishing. 652 more words


Di Bilik Penantian

Written by thehunlulu ©2017

“Bulan, sampaikanlah salamku padanya. Jangan bilang rindu, karena pasti tak akan terbalas.” —prompt by ninegust 615 more words


12) Ain't Got No, I Got Life

Über die Freiheit, die Kultur und die Patchworkfamilie.

Letztlich geht es immer um die Freiheit, die auf dem Spiel steht.
Die meisten Menschen haben weniger Angst vor deren Verlust, als vor der Freiheit selbst. 615 more words

Dialog Mit Massimo

[Trans-fic][MarkJin] Winter Bird – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Money Money

“Mark Tuan, 27 tuổi, khiếm khuyết trí tuệ.” JinYoung không thể nào quên cái giọng nói đơn sắc của bác sĩ phẫu thuật vang vọng trong phòng họp buổi sáng thứ Ba hôm đó, 4 tiếng trước khi ca phẫu thuật diễn ra. 5,516 more words


[Fanfiction] Tangled (part 7) | FanHan/KrisHan/KrisLu


Tangled © 2017

A KrisLuhan Fanfiction by Ranifa Billy


Lu Han

Kris Wu Yifan


FanHan / KrisHan / KrisLu


Romance, Drama, (a bit Humor) 2,826 more words


The Temptation That Is You

In the place where fire meets ice, I feel only you. Your pale skin plays such a lovely contrast, dancing along and casting quiet silhouettes while I close my eyes and imagine I am anybody else, just not myself. 242 more words

Those Ivory Keys

Every single day you’d find yourself back at the piano, gazing at its sleek black coat and untouched ivory keys.
You’d find yourself back at its seat, fingers raised to play a song. 228 more words