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How To: In-water sea turtling

Wednesday’s seem to be an incredibly exciting day of the week at the moment; Scrub one, Prickly Pear the next and this humpday was no exception. 1,316 more words

Anguilla after Irma

Only one month after Hurricane Irma had ripped its way through the Caribbean, Anguilla is already returning to life as usual. The airport is open and flights are leaving on the daily, and the harbor is fully functioning and in the process of constructing brand new immigration facilities. 51 more words


Residents Return To Devastated Barbuda

The Caribbean island of Barbuda had to evacuate all its residents when Hurricane Irma hit last month, but now they are slowly starting to return. NPR’s Michel Martin catches up with reporter … 12 more words


Anguilla Lit Fest: A Partial Reckoning

Literature is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Anguilla. Not that there isn’t a literary tradition in the Caribbean—there is, of course there is. 1,505 more words


September roundup

Can’t quite believe it myself but I’ve been here a month already! September hasn’t been easy, but I have enjoyed it, everything has been so incredibly new it’s been quite a challenge. 788 more words

How to: Catch an iguana

*Disclaimer* Do not try this at home. No iguanas were injured in the making of this blog post.

Step one: Have a need to capture an iguana… 733 more words

Anguilla Revolution: Golden Jubilee

From the 1930s to the 1960s the West Indies underwent a period of unrest and reorganization that promoted the emergence of both national identities and a collective sense of self-awareness. 1,118 more words