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Whoa... This Is What Angus T. Jones From "Two and a Half Men" Looks Like Now!

Remember Jake Harper, he cute kid from Two and a Half Men?

He looks nothing like that anymore!

The actor, Angus T. Jones, was spotted grabbing coffee in Venice on Monday and he looks totally unrecognizable with a beard and pony tail. 79 more words


Angus T. Jones: 'Two And A Half Men' Star, 22, Totally Unrecognizable With Facial Hair -- Pic

Woah! The little boy from ‘Two and A Half Men’ is all grown up with long hair and a beard looking nothing like his young character. 433 more words

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What Does The Kid From "Two And A Half Men" Look Like Now?

Back in 2003, Angus T. Jones was a 10-year-old chubby kid who played the precocious son on the hit tv show Two and a Half Men… 105 more words


Of course he´s dead!

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