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Budweiser Strikes Back (Sort of)

One of the least exciting super bowls ever is now over, America is now more bored then when they watched Coldplay at halftime, and speculation turns to who will win the primaries and who will flee to Canada once the election is over.   741 more words

Peyton Manning Tosses Budweiser Some Free Press

Quarterback Peyton Manning thrilled Denver Broncos fans on Sunday by leading the team to a third Super Bowl victory. But after the game, Budweiser parent Anheuser-Busch InBev was likely just as excited about the win. 309 more words


Budweiser Is Taunting Craft Beer Lovers Again

Budweiser is the big brother of the beer world that just cannot help teasing his little siblings.

That’s the subliminal message in Anheuser Busch-InBev’s new ad spot for the nation’s fourth-most popular beer, a campaign called “Not Backing Down.” The ad, which will run during Super Bowl 50 this Sunday, will “unapologetically celebrate” Budweiser by mixing images of charging clydesdales and the brewing process that goes into making the “macro” beer. 464 more words


Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen In This New Super Bowl Ad

There is a new, independent political party that is launching in 2016: the Bud Light Party.

Anheuser-Busch InBev on Friday unveiled a new campaign that will feature comedians Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen in a political-themed ad it is calling “Raise One to Right Now.” The ad will kick off during Super Bowl 50 and will run throughout most of the year. 371 more words


Europe is slowly undoing all those cushy tax deals for multinationals

The European Commission has ruled that Belgium’s so-called sweetheart tax deals amounted to illegal state aid and it has asked the country to recover €700 million ($765 million) from the multinational companies who benefited from this tax break since 2005. 245 more words

Making your own

If you don’t already know, two giant brewing groups, Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller, are in the process of merging. Together they will present a global presence responsible for distributing almost one-third of all the beer drunk in the world. 379 more words


Anheuser Busch Just Bought Its 3rd Craft Brewer in 5 Days

Anheuser Busch-InBev is on a craft beer bender, announcing a third acquisition in a five-day span that shows just how important the fast-growing category is to the world’s largest brewer. 250 more words