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Hercules & Omphale: why men become enslaved to their anima

Anyone with a penchant for Greek mythology has undoubtedly encountered the bit about Hercules donning women’s clothing for a three-year period while in servitude to Omphale, daughter of the queen of Lydia. 904 more words


AN107 - In Mother's Care

A memory sliced my gut spilling as the butcher did to the beast when I first saw how a glimpse of how blood turn into a fine dinner. 547 more words


I'm Sick! - Another Filler Content

Pay enough attention to the things I wrote and be crazy enough to read me through my content, you might suspect that I’ve been sick these past few days. 739 more words


AN106 - Feverish Dream

I awoke in the middle of the night with a heavy head and mismatching alertness. The darkness swirl before me, revealing figures that aren’t real. Heat resides in every nook of my body that I can’t simply ignore. 622 more words


AN105 - The Ailing One

I sense impending doom for this village. I am far too inexperienced to prevent it coming, whatever it is, and I am unable to avoid it myself for various reasons. 681 more words


AN104 - Interword

I am Yowen, collector, translator, and teller of stories from the third century of the common era.

I had attempted to piece together the tales found in pages from the Avitian library, also known as the arcadian library, along with imagined stories based on the the collective historical knowledge of the time period concerned. 480 more words