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Thou foster child of silence and slow time

Salisbury was cool and grey.  (Click a thumbnail for the gallery)

And then it was the business of the day.  And yes – it went well. 204 more words

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Siphonophore or salp?

Horticulture is all very well,

housework is never all very well, but no doubt it is good for one’s character (just some cushion plumping still to be done), 185 more words

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Not very joined up

One of those random days where none of the bits matched any of the other bits.

We started with reindeer of course, striding away across the snow.   472 more words

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Minutt for minutt

(for about a week).

NRK (Norwegian broadcasting) is televising and live streaming the reindeer migration (reinflytting – excellent word!)  in the far north of Norway, all day, every day, until the reindeer arrive wherever it is they are going.   111 more words

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