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Good news!

Well after another week of rest I’m finally walking about on my leg, its still stiff but at least its able to take some weight. 168 more words

3d Works

lunch time

Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral, 2011.



This harbour seal decided to come see what we were doing along the shore @ Farland Point, Cumbrea


Myth - Bats are blind

The saying “blind as a bat” doesn’t actually mean anything, because bats aren’t blind. In fact, all 1,100 known species of bats can see. Most of them have very poor eyesight compared to some other nocturnal creatures, but the point is that they CAN see. 205 more words


Walking a beach that isn't there

… usually.  The eclipse/equinox seems to have given us an exceptionally low tide or two, and we walked where I would usually expect to be in up to my tummy.   160 more words

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