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Sighted - creepy crawley

“If this creature visits you, what message does it bring to you? If cockroach is not your animal totem, this may mean a message of gratitude. 137 more words


Nothing like fish and chips at the beach and your friends think it’s funny to throw chips and you, yeah it was!!!


So brave

We admire our little dog. Even if she’s sick she keeps going on and giving love. We’re so grateful to have her!



Dinosaur Discovery

Sometimes it seems impossible to believe the amount of information that scientist can get from bones.  Scientists have discovered a fossilized skull of a new species ( 121 more words


Queen Bee

Is it a really really large bee, or a teeny tiny snake? Who knows….

Queen bee inked with my new pens. Absolutely loving them and love getting ink all over my hands too, just so much fun to be had. 9 more words

Black And White

´╗┐The lioness

Ink practise again. Both the lioness and my moth were taking very heavily from an artist I admire very much; Caitlin Hackett. So neither I claim as my own for this purpose but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? 35 more words

Black And White