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Photography Challenge Day #276

This little guy has what he needs every single day! What makes us think God won’t take care of us?

Photography Challenge

Umbrella Movement

2 scottish folds & a toy poodle makes a perfect family of feline & canine for the both of us. It’s so clearly a part of what our family is all about when it comes to loving the furry children of our household. 155 more words


   Nelly was looking a little curious, haha.


The Eye

I really love owl. When i was a child my father have one owl. Eventhough, i didn’t remember the color but i believed it’s have a same color as this owl. 17 more words


Photography Challenge Day #268

Moose are the largest of all the deer species. Males are immediately recognizable by their huge antlers, which can spread 6 feet (1.8 meters) from end to end. 97 more words

Photography Challenge