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"Wark! Wark!" – 2016 – Digital – click for full view on site!

The trustiest of steeds.

Chocobos are definitely one of the iconic elements of the Final Fantasy series. One of the most diverse, too. Each colour often represents a different trait or ability, from the limited flight capabilities of black chocobos to the legendary racing capabilities of golden chocobos. 587 more words


Start as you mean to go on

Today’s rule was:  to take only one photograph, choosing it carefully.  How to choose?  On the bright and windy beach I could have captured:

Blue, plain blue… 228 more words

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Then I lay in the recliner by the window, watching the clouds, while sillhouetted birds skidded down the wind.  The sky turned leaden, grey, unearthly pale, rich apricot in the squall, pink and gold and blue, lavender and dusty yellow, dim blue, and black. 160 more words

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… because her co-chook has gone to join the choir celestial (etc.).  We hope the game  cheered her up, as her illicit advice helped her partner in crime to win.

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Down among the periwinkles

I was on my way to buy bread and milk and salad, but then, who cares about milk and bread and salad if the full moon has brought a low tide?  185 more words

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Ejecting a guest

This morning I found an uninvited guest in the porch; must have been accidentally shut in last night when I closed the outer door.

I tried to shoo him out with a brush, as I didn’t want to be peed on by way of defence mechanism, but he only turned his toes in and his head away, apparently beyond hope or fear.  56 more words

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