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Down among the periwinkles

I was on my way to buy bread and milk and salad, but then, who cares about milk and bread and salad if the full moon has brought a low tide?  185 more words

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Ejecting a guest

This morning I found an uninvited guest in the porch; must have been accidentally shut in last night when I closed the outer door.

I tried to shoo him out with a brush, as I didn’t want to be peed on by way of defence mechanism, but he only turned his toes in and his head away, apparently beyond hope or fear.  56 more words

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In a white dress

In a ridiculous September heatwave.  (Click an image for the gallery.) 99 more words

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Leopard Warlock

Ever seen a leopard summon demons?

Those who have read Fluffy Chops will be aware that I’m working on a new digital piece. It’s quite an interesting piece as I’m slowly getting an idea of what makes up my digital style. 639 more words


The quickness of the fish deceives the eye

Bluest sky, warm and cool, breeze and calm, long but not daunting.   (Click an image for the gallery.) 176 more words

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Different sorts of the same

With a young moon came a low tide.

Wide blue sky:


Life traces:

Green blue green blue green:

Synchronised kestrels:

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FOTOS: Bañan A Perros Con Alquitrán Y Los Dejan Pegados En Pavimento

Increíble pero cierto, que exista tanta maldad en el mundo, y contra tantos inocentes.

Un hombre en Rumania torturo a cuatro perros bañándolos con alquitrán y los animales terminaron pegados en el pavimento. 41 more words