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Things to do when you can't sleep: lxxiii

lxxiii :  Watch silly things to do

The Winter Olympics are coming in handy for insomnia.  Ice dancing … and chocolate.  Yep; it was a long one.

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Signs of stress

Well there we were, me at the kitchen table and Fluffers underneath it.  I propped my elbows in a state of inaction, while Fluffers steadily pulled out her feathers. 18 more words

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Sand Crab

A crab no larger than a small coin rests on a beach in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. If you look closely, you can see its two tiny eyes!


Weepings by the waves

Everything was wet and seeping…  (Click thumbnail for the gallery) 186 more words

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I wish to make a complaint

… to the global internet thingy.  Not my idea to have animals at the table – eating coconut ice cream too, and smacking her lips.  Well, beak.

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I bought a microwave egg poacher in 2002

It has finally come in useful.

The week’s events have been insufficiently minute to describe, so I went looking for some smaller ones.  It’s not exactly the season for pond dipping and the water fleas aren’t as fat and frolicsome as summer ones, but still quite a good population.   131 more words

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Early Drawing

Hi dear Followers,

Unfortunately I have no time to practice drawing further until 20th of April :( As this is the last due date when my thesis can be accepted at university, so I really have to complete it somehow. 112 more words