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'Utterly out of touch': Performing bear at Russian soccer game draws fury

Animal rights groups around the world are sounding off after a circus bear was made to perform ahead of a soccer game in Russia.

The bear, named Tima, was brought out at the Mashuk-KMV Pyatigorsk club’s stadium before Saturday’s game. 248 more words


Baltimore Co. Passes Law To Create Safer Conditions For Outdoor Pets During Extreme Weather

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore County Council has passed Oscar’s law — legislation requiring animals be brought indoors during extreme temperatures.

December’s freezing temperatures proved fatal for an Arbutus pet left out in the cold. 235 more words


Horse owner in shock after finding animal dragged, legs broken

COLORADO CITY, Ariz. – A Colorado City resident was shocked Sunday evening after he found his horse had been dragged and left for dead in an agricultural field. 219 more words


Groomer Accused of Allowing Dog to Die of Heat Stroke Must be Prosecuted

Mercy the dog died of apparent heat stroke after reportedly being groomed in the hot sun constrained by a muzzle. Demand the groomer accused of causing her death be brought to justice. 15 more words


Dog found in abandoned home was close to death

CLEVELAND– An emaciated dog found in an abandoned Cleveland house continues to improve.

The rescue group FIDO’s Companion took the pup to West Park Animal Hospital on Saturday. 111 more words


Has Facebook Become to Toxic?

In my opinion yes for many reasons

  1. People share Too Much Politics – yes, thats right facebook has become a politically charged platform where you’re either a jerk for liking trump or you’re social justice warrior for disliking trump!
  2. 196 more words

Enough Is Enough! - Why It's Time For You To Boycott United Airlines

Video: Everything Wrong With United Airlines

Do you remember the last time you were on a plane? I can. It was the end of 2014, my final year of high school. 946 more words