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Abused Dog Found in Marshalls Creek

MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP – It’s a disturbing case of animal abuse in the Poconos. A dog is being cared for at a shelter after being found Sunday freezing, extremely sick, and malnourished. 443 more words


April Irving complains she has received death threats

LETHBRIDGE – The woman accused in a severe case of animal abuse returned to court on Monday.

The case has been put over to later this week because the crown prosecutor stated he has a conflict with the matter. 141 more words


SC deputies seek vandals who killed chickens worth $1.7M

BISHOPVILLE, S.C. (AP) – South Carolina law officers are hunting for the chicken killers who have sabotaged farmers several times over the past two weeks, leaving 300,000 birds dead at a cost of as much as $1.7 million. 113 more words

South Carolina

Putting On The Ritz...

I decided to take my daughter to The Sierras to snowboard this coming Thursday thru Sunday. I called Marrotts reservation line and a chipper voice came on the line, “Hi Mr Guuuurera (they mess my name up all the time) How may I help you?” I told them where I was heading to and I was given a range of hotel properties. 238 more words

This Too Will Pass

Pet Shop Owner Accused Of Arson Involving Puppies Convicted

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

There are crimes where a defendant’s depraved actions almost beg for a strong sentence. Torching a pet store and pouring kerosene on puppies certainly qualifies. 543 more words


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Facebook's Bizarre Obsession With A Pro-Animal Torture Page

Facebook has still not removed “The Eradication of Feral Cats” (WARNING, GRAPHIC PICTURES) despite hundreds of reports and 4000+ signatures on a petition asking for the removal of the page. 137 more words