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Why the outrage about fox hunting within the UK?

In the UK there has been public outrage over recent plans to bring back fox hunting. In this video I give my thought on why people seem to care so much for the harm done to one animal, but are not able to connect with the animals they harm everyday. I how you enjoy :)


Partners Pet Center: Round Rock Texas

Animal cruelty conducted by Partners Pet Center; Round Rock, Texas.

Many animal advocates and activists have contacted us by email and private message on Facebook, alerting us to this horrific situation.  463 more words

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Running for Fun, Not for Entertainment

Over the centuries, it has been a tradition in many countries to have beings race against each other for the amusement of the onlookers. The human being probably is the only being where running in a race is a choice, not a must. 183 more words

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Call to Increase Sentencing in the UK for Animal Abuse Crimes

Urgent Review to the Law and Level of Sentencing for Animal Abuse Crimes

Please consider adding your signature (if you have not already done so) to call on the UK government to enhance animal abuse sentencing. 176 more words

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Insane Dog Abuse in Pakistan

These guys are either on some hard drugs or belong to the mental hospital for the criminally insane…

Animal Abuse

McDonald’s Under Fire after Hidden Footage Reveals the Truth Behind McNuggets

By SM Gibson | The Anti Media

Undercover video released on Wednesday by animal rights organization, Mercy for Animals, shows how chickens are treated before being turned into McDonald’s famous Chicken McNuggets. 305 more words


The Guardian Part 1

This story is by Joan M. French-Warner, a friend and fellow writer. I am sharing this story with you, reader, because the cause she is advocating is a worthy one. 722 more words

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