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Are Documentary Screenings Effective?

This is me asking for some opinions. I am constantly trying to find ways to get people interested in our local vegan group and veganism in general. 250 more words

Animal Liberation

Animals up for adoption after +1,000 seized from Wayne County pet store

MENTOR, Ohio- After more than a thousand small animals were seized from a Wayne County pet store, some of the critters are up for adoption. 275 more words


Iowa man admits to torturing kitten

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — A 21-year-old Leo Nopoulos man is scheduled to be sentenced next month for abusing his roommate’s kitten.

Court documents say Leo Nopoulos pleaded guilty on Tuesday.   103 more words


When You Are Unplugged You See The Real World

I live on the Delmarva peninsula or as I like to call it chicken slaughter capital of the East. A little over a year ago that didn’t really mean much to me, but now as a vegan I see it a lot different now. 453 more words

Animal Liberation

All Lives Matter: The Animal Version

On April 10th 2015, I rescued a disheveled cat crying under a truck.

I was at CookOut around 1am. My friend and I were sitting on the outside patio when we heard a few faint meows. 841 more words

Animal Abuse

Dangerous Collars That Need To Be Banned

Please keep sharing and reblogging this so we can get these horrible collars banned!!


Sapphire Trae McKesson

Already at eight, Sapphire had fought her way to being included in the boys’ football team at her decrepit grade school, right in the middle of what some termed “urban squalor.” She could keep up with the worst–and the best. 966 more words

Julia Penner-zook