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Wondering about the perfect Christmas Gift? Well, look no further. Sian Pearl clears everything up on her blog PARTHENOID. Read all about it here: … 28 more words

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New Post on Animal Adoption: COFFESMOKE

Showing her Real Life pets in this post, it’s sure to be a tear jerker! Check out Marleen Vaughan‘s post on Animal Adoption at… 10 more words

Marleen Vaughan

Those without a voice.

Anabelle Marquis posted a great write-up on animal adoption and those little guys we love to call “out pets.” Make sure you check it out. Click here: … 11 more words

Anabelle Marquis


Who doesn’t want a unicorn? But can you take care of it? hmmmmmm. Probably not. Pailsy Mizin explores Unicorns and Exotic Pets in her latest Concerned Bloggers post! 21 more words

Oh My Stars!

NEW POST by Gypsy Woman

Blissie Boucher has posted on Animal Hoarding. If any of you have ever watched the show HOARDERS, you know what we’re talking about! Animal hoarding hurts EVERYONE. 21 more words

Blissie Boucher

New Post by Bellessima

We’ve converted a new member to the Concerned Bloggers Association! Anabelle Marquis of Bellessima has joined the cause of telling the world that Michael Vick is a dickhead for getting involved in dog fighting. 30 more words

Concerned Bloggers Association

New Post by OMGLISSY!

Lissy Savannah of OMGLISSY blog has posted a new article on Animal Adoption for all the right reasons. Not to mention, the sight of the cute little Boston Terrier makes you swoon with love. 33 more words

Animal Adoption & Rights