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Animal advocate, photographer Bonnie Smith dies at 72

SALISBURY — Bonnie Smith, a trailblazer in animal protection in Rowan County and an award-winning photographer, died Friday after a period of …

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In Memory Of Cecil The Lion = Slaughtered Animals Are Not Trophies

 Please do not forget Cecil the Lion, because the slaughter of animals for fun, or recreation, must be stopped.

Feel free to pass this video on and if possible take part in Animal Welfare organizations and the like, for every action against barbaric behaviour towards animals brings us closer to ending  animal cruelty where ever it exists. 39 more words


The Hunting Backlash aka Death Threats Are NOT Okay

I love animals. I love animals so much that I no longer eat them and haven’t done for a number of years; 17 vegetarian/pescetarian and 3 vegan, if you want the strict background. 855 more words


Susan M. Hansen, animal advocate, tapped to head Smithtown shelter | Newsday

Susan M. Hansen, newly appointed Smithtown Animal Shelter Director, handles a kitten with a volunteer at a home in Shirley, Sunday, July 19, 2015.

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Let me see if you can run it, run it

It is now June 15th. Almost June 16th. And I still feel that this year is escaping without me having anything to show for it. I am still not a better calligrapher, I have not honed my photography skills, my French is still where it was when the year started, and I am feeling very unaccomplished because of it all. 374 more words


3 reasons to start using a dog harness!

I am a huge advocate of dog harnesses, no matter what size your dog is! I find most dog harnesses are only used on small dogs, but any breed can benefit from using this simple piece of equipment when you take your furry friend on a walk or hike! 487 more words


World Lab Animal Day

Just learned that today is  World Lab Animal Day.

World. lab animal. day.

What a sad world I live in that there is such think at World Lab Animal Day. 281 more words