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Susan M. Hansen, animal advocate, tapped to head Smithtown shelter | Newsday

Susan M. Hansen, newly appointed Smithtown Animal Shelter Director, handles a kitten with a volunteer at a home in Shirley, Sunday, July 19, 2015.

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Let me see if you can run it, run it

It is now June 15th. Almost June 16th. And I still feel that this year is escaping without me having anything to show for it. I am still not a better calligrapher, I have not honed my photography skills, my French is still where it was when the year started, and I am feeling very unaccomplished because of it all. 374 more words


3 reasons to start using a dog harness!

I am a huge advocate of dog harnesses, no matter what size your dog is! I find most dog harnesses are only used on small dogs, but any breed can benefit from using this simple piece of equipment when you take your furry friend on a walk or hike! 487 more words


World Lab Animal Day

Just learned that today is  World Lab Animal Day.

World. lab animal. day.

What a sad world I live in that there is such think at World Lab Animal Day. 281 more words


The Humane League

by guest blogger Olivia Jannuzzi

Giving a voice to the voiceless and a big hand to those with paws, Untold Animal Stories combines true and stylized storytelling with animal advocacy, resulting in an uncommon and inspiring blog. 577 more words

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“PAWS FOR THOUGHT” – Am I a true animal advocate?





I was born in Brooklyn, New York many decades ago.  I grew up in a six-story, red-brick apartment building that was surrounded by concrete sidewalks; the neighborhood sealed off from the world, and the sun, by masses of other apartment buildings.   926 more words

Animal Advocate

Puppy Mills need to be shut down

Puppy mills became more popular after world war I because of widespread crop failure in the midwest, so the United States Department of Agriculture started to promote purebred puppies as a fool-proof “cash” crop.   707 more words

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