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Loving Therapy and Life Coaching, Inc. -501c3 Non-Profit

Nonprofit 501(c)(3) in Florida (IRS 501(c)(3) status pending):

To direct engagement in and provide mental health counseling services and innovative therapies, especially to at risk youth and adults who otherwise would not be able to benefit from these services. 147 more words



you are a funny bunny!

Tradition has it that i resemble a butterfly,

and i love you.

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How Animal Assisted Therapy Can Help Your Troubled Kid

Kids are inclined to having animals by their side. In fact, some kids enjoy the company of their pets more than the company of their friends. 402 more words

Animal Assisted Therapy

Joyful home

here You are!

Here you are!!!

welcome Home,

let’s play!

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Really, A Dog With a Couch? - Do Therapy Dogs Really Do Therapy?

Do Therapy Dogs really do therapy?

Those of us at the other end of the Therapy Dog leash need to be able to answer this question. 1,374 more words

Human Animal Bond

Pet Appreciation Week

June 7-13 is Pet Appreciation Week! In honor of our animal-assisted therapy dogs, we are taking the time to recognize the furry creatures that have brightened the lives of many of our patients here at… 113 more words

Dog Tales

History of Animal Therapy

Animal Used in Therapy as Early as 16th Century

Throughout history, animals have been used to help people in various ways, including different types of therapy. 1,453 more words

Human-animal Bond