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Peregrine Cam!

Reader Malcolm reminds us that the peregrines nesting on top of Norwich Cathedral have just produced two chicks: little white fluffballs. Here’s a screenshot; click on it to go to the livecam. 130 more words

Animal Cams

Ma and Pa Peregrine have a chat

Reader Dom called my attention to this video showing a mated pair of peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) who seem to be nesting in Norwich Cathedral. 23 more words

Owl and albatross cams!

There are two birdcams of interest today. First, a Great Horned Owl pair in Savannah, Georgia (Bubo viginianus), has laid several eggs and the first owlet will probably hatch today, as there’s a pip out of the egg already. 87 more words


Live lioncam!

A pride is on the prowl. Watch NOW (click on the screenshot); you might be able to see them hunt—live!

h/t: Diane G

Animal Cams

Lion cub vs. GoPro

Now that we have the GoPro camera (a great invention, whose only downside may be the tendency of people to care more about the video than the experience), we’re going to see a whole lot more video closeups of animals in the wild.   174 more words


Marmot video-bombs time-lapse film of Glacier Park, licks camera

For some reason I don’t understand, photobombs by rodents are one of the most appealing things on the internet, drawing far more attention than, say, cat or dog photobombs. 265 more words

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