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Animal Collection (2012)

Title: Animal Collection
Author: Colin Winnette
Publisher: Spork Press
Year: 2012
Grade: A+
Comments: One of the most-creative books I’ve read in a while and although it’s a quick read, it’s one that sticks with you.


Being Shy

Subject: Horse
Place taken: Blairstown, New Jersey
Camera: NIKON D50
Copyright: Lucinda M. Deitman


Product Management Job Description

Ken asks…

What is job analysis?

tomas37 answers:
Based on writers D. Van Tiem, J. Moseley and J. Dessinger, in “Performance Improvement Interventions: Enhancing People, Processes, and Organizations through Performance Technology,” a job analysis is the systematic process o…

Animal collection: Bridport prize 2011(longlist)

Schrödinger’s cat

His cat slipped through my legs and disappeared upstairs as I let myself in the front door. In the kitchen, I emptied the contents from his Waitrose bag-for-life onto the pine scrubbed table. 1,981 more words


Animal collection: Loose Leaves poetry anthology - winner 2010

The second post of my winning writing, loosely based on an animal theme.

This piece is a feminist reworking of a popular nursery rhyme in response to the way women, who report date rape, are portrayed in the press.  110 more words

On Writing

Animal collection: Commonwealth short story competition 2007 - highly commended

An occasional post: writing that has been placed or commended in competitions (with a loose animal theme)

Restless bear

My brother in law, Mick, has come to stay, with his wife Heather. 612 more words

On Writing