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Maia Kincaid: The Cat's Meow

Paperback on Amazon.US and Amazon.UKMaia Kincaid is one of the best. Her books have been mind-blowing so far: I bet this one is not an exception. Cool!

‪Anna Breytenbach‬ communicates with animals

She believes getting close to nature and remembering how to communicate is necessary for the future.

Part 2: http://youtu.be/kY3efd2WHi0
Part 3: ‪http://youtu.be/W-4caLV_85g‬
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Cats are gods

‘KittyCat’ or just ‘Kitty’ as we call her talked via animal communicator Edwina Gustafson today and said, among other things:

‘I am very pleased with how you call me.

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Hero's message via Faye

The original photo by Emma Steel Photography.

Hero talks in animal communicator Faye Roger‘s latest Newsletter:

My essence is of deep joy, this is my magnificent self, the ability to feel things so deeply, and I am still feeling things so deeply, as I shifted into spirit and it was a very special time for me, there was no fears, there was just acceptance and the light was beaming so strongly, so brightly and due to the planetary alignment at the time of going into spirit the Golden Gates of Humanity were beaming down on Earth. 

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動物傳心術工作坊 – Part I

動物傳心術工作坊Part I能使你有基本和動物溝通的能力,你可以使用動物傳心術跟在世或離世的動物溝通。

1. 清除阻障 2. 開啟你的直覺之眼 3. 心靈感應 4. 紮根及冥想練習 5. 與你的動物連繫 6. 個案練習 7. 與離世動物溝通 8. 道德守則

1. 一本筆記簿及筆 2. 57 more words

Animal Healing

Do elephants go to Heaven?

Animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon is going to be talking with the elephants in Africa & China, if this movie gets enough support via Kickstarter. Kickstarter is an amazing opportunity to bring your dreams to life and Tailbook surely hopes that this dream of a movie comes true. 107 more words