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Are You An Animal Communicator?

Do I have to be psychic?

Animal training is animal communication.  While I have known gifted psychic animal communicators, psychic skills are not necessary to communicate with your dog. 122 more words

Dog Training

Laying in the sun by the water…mission accomplished!

A few months ago Brodie was ill, extremely ill, we thought he might not make it.  He was ultimately diagnosed with a retrobular abscess; and it took a serious 8-week regimen of antibiotics and other meds to heal him.  948 more words

Feline energy

Animals react to the current, changing, even stormy energies just like we humans do. This message is shared, among other things, in this cat channeling. Source.


Wild whispers and mind reading

Like I posted earlier in Animal Communication Books, Amelia Kinkade‘s latest book is out. That was the best news! I am thrilled, because it was published early. 240 more words


Whispers From The Wild

Yes! It is out! The latest from talented Amelia Kinkade. Kindle Edition or paperback (US) (UK).

Heart Based Reading

Talk 2 The Animals: Bringing New Animals Into Your Home

I was at an all day writing conference and by chance, I happened to overhear one of the writers say “I am worried about the new dog I adopted. 1,015 more words


Talk 2 The Animals: A Key Benefit of Animal Communication

I noticed something a little off with my cat Fizz last night and this morning. I couldn’t pinpoint it, but I knew he was trying to tell me something. 414 more words