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Explain all the special needs to other pets

Very useful update from Edwina on Facebook. See the comments and take a moment to ponder how you can talk to your pets and help them to understand “special needs” of other pets in your home. 36 more words


Channeled messages from animals

Channeled message from Snow Leopard:

I am a sacred protector of your heart if you let me. I will filter all of the superficial or manipulative chatter from your life and keep at bay the lack of sincerity that has struck this world.

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Talking to Animals

The field of mediumship and psychics involves many forms of communication such as automatic writing, channeling, séances, and psychometry with the goal of speaking with spirits. 1,692 more words


Keep on Rolling: A Message of Love, Courage & Inspiration from a Dog on Wheels

Kindle Edition (US) and paperback on Amazon.UK.

More about animal communicator Vicky Lewis.

Heart Based Reading

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Available for your Kindle! Who wants to read this one? I know I do! Unconditional love on wheels and you get to hear the whole story. Definitely Heart Based Reading.

Animal Communicator Adventures

Paperback on Amazon.US. Amazon.UK.

(I haven’t been a big fan of paperbacks since e-books have been available on phones and tablets and computers and/or e-readers. 77 more words

Heart Based Reading

Challenge of the day: love without judgment

Animal communicator Nedda Wittels:

Sakhara showed me a mother cat nursing her new born kittens.  First, she asked me to observe.  As the momma licked her young and cleaned them thoroughly with her tongue, Sakhara said, “Love Without Judgment.”

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