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Talk 2 The Animals: An Animal Communication PSA

Just to make it short and sweet, here’s an animal communication PSA for your edification:

Don’t practice your animal communication skills when driving.

If you’re good with that, cool, go on with your life as scheduled.

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Talk 2 The Animals: Back To School Animal Communication Specials

The season is changing and your schedule will soon be adapting from the lazy days of summer to the hustle bustle of fall. Those schedule changes are often difficult to manage and can result in a stressful time for all of us, including the animals in your household. 194 more words


Talk 2 The Animals: August 17 Is Black Cat Appreciation Day

Today, August 17, is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Woo hoo, let those of us with black cats celebrate! Actually, those of us who don’t have black cats can celebrate also, because, well, why not? 651 more words


Talk 2 The Animals: Life Lessons From A Fly

Ah jeez, true confessions here.

I know as an animal communicator I’m supposed to be in perfect harmony with all creatures great and small. I truly want to be; it makes the world a better place and it only makes sense to be in right relationship with those sentient beings with whom we share our Earth home. 1,353 more words


Talk 2 The Animals: When Ignoring Your Intuition Doesn’t Work

If only I had listened to my intuition, I could have saved myself and my cat Billy so much angst and exasperation.

Oops, that’s not quite true. 1,046 more words


Talk 2 The Animals: Let’s Talk Animal Communication: Beginning Animal Communication Conference Call

Let’s face it – most people think communicating with animals is out on the woo-woo branch.  Well, maybe talking is OK, but when you say the animals are talking back to you, well, let’s just say many people prefer you don’t mention that in polite company. 309 more words


Talk 2 The Animals: Consent and Permission, NOT Assumption and Preemption

The background of the story:

Recently I had my cat Billy in for his senior wellness check. It was time, I had discovered a new vet that had worked well with Raven and I wanted to see how she and Billy would get along. 1,256 more words