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ACNL: Floating Feathers

 Sunday brought Sheldon’s birthday, and I made sure to give my little squirrel friend a present. I don’t remember what it was, but he must have liked it! 249 more words


ACNL: The Snow Has Melted!

 Today is an exciting day in NL – we don’t have snow anymore! Sure, I liked the snow…but I was so ready for it to melt by the end :P… 170 more words


ACNL: Wishing on the Stars

Yesterday, I saw my new exterior. It might have changed a lot, but I actually like it. I’m definitely going to carry on with the cabin theme! 213 more words


Video: 'Kicks' Amiibo For Animal Crossing: New Leaf Trailer

If you’re still paying off your virtual mortgage in Animal Crossing: New Leaf but want to spice things up a bit then using some amiibo will help you along the way. 43 more words


Games I’d like to see on Nintendo Switch

March 3rd… Just 2 weeks, or 14 days or 336 hours until I have my hands on my Nintendo Switch… Not that I’m counting down or anything… We know the games that have been confirmed, but what about games we’d like to see released? 605 more words


Review: Bissell Brothers Brewing Co. | Lux Rye Pale Ale

i’ve never committed adultery

the closest i’ve ever come

is flirting across town with two cats

in animal crossing.

i’ve never dabbled in that purple music. 234 more words