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Animal Crossing Diaries: New Leaf (Part 2)

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Day 4

Today I was allowed into the Happy Home Showcase. I was greeted by a dog-man named Digby. Now, I tried not to jump to conclusions and assume just because he was a dog he had some relation to my secretary, Isabelle, but as it turns out, they’re twins. 503 more words

Short Stories

Gaming: What I've been up to lately

I started looking through screenshots to help me remember what I’ve played over the last few months and found I not only haven’t been blogging, I haven’t been taking many screenshots either. 925 more words


ACNL: Chevre Visits!

 Chevre asked me the other day if she could come to see my house. Unfortunately, it was a booked meeting, but this time I did book a time and let her come over. 82 more words


Art Drop: Animal Crossing: Autumn

I’ve been working on a new 4 poster set for Animal Crossing which highlights each season in an AC town. This is the finished product for my “Autumn” poster. 19 more words


ACNL: My birthday!

The other day, I bought a kiwi stool from T&T. Not for any particular reason, but I did wonder what designs were available for it. It turns out the only other one is yellow, so I probably won’t keep it for my house. 437 more words


Animal Crossing Diaries: New Leaf

Day 1:

I have entered a new village called Citytown. This sounds like a legitimate, well-grounded town. I think I have made a wise decision. I arrived late at night to be greeted by strange animal-human hybrids. 587 more words

Short Stories