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I Visited My Animal Crossing Town After Half a Year!

In Animal Crossing New Leaf, I’ve owned three towns at different times. I’m not one of those people who goes out and buys a new cartridge because I know that if I made another town, I would probably abandon the other. 833 more words


Day 67 in Valhalla

March 18th

Welcome back to Valhalla and check out my awesome hat! I may be Scottish but I love this hat! Dorian would kill for this hat, just saying you all want this hat. 477 more words

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Add me on AC:PC

I participate in all the events, and I’d love to fill out my friends list.


Day 66 in Valhalla

March 17th

Welcome back to a very busy day we have a fishing tourney and a holiday to celebrate and guess which one Isabelle tells us about? 528 more words

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Day 65 in Valhalla

March 16th

Half way through march and this will not be uploaded anytime close to march. That’s okay. Who needs things to be released in real time anyways (life would be so different if I could stream) Anyways enough of that welcome back to Valhalla the great and glorious! 520 more words

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You Can Customize Your Push Notification Settings In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The official Animal Crossing page has sent out a post to remind fans that they can customize their push notification settings to their liking in… 58 more words