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Leaving The City Life Behind

I’ve been having a blast playing Stardew Valley since it’s release a couple weeks ago. I’ve been eyeing this game since it went viral on Steam last year. 1,756 more words


Top Tuesday: Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Games

Happy Tuesday!

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before way back when the Nintendo Switch came out (it’s already been seven months… wow!), but I wanted to talk about some games that I hope will come to the console in the near future. 268 more words

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Mahou Shoujo Month – Week 2

The second week of Mahou Shoujo or Magical Girl month. Now initially I planned to do my suggested Mahou Shoujo series and manga. However due to the fact it was Lynn Minmay’s Birthday I feel it is more appropriate to do one dedicated to magical idol concerts. 663 more words


6 Games Animal Crossing fans will love

 Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry (Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times in US) 

This game is one of my absolute favourites. Like an animal crossing game with a wizard-y Hogwarts-esque twist, this game has all the favourable attributes of animal crossing such as animal residents, cute graphics (VERY visually similar to animal Crossing), your own house to decorate, fishing, bug catching and shops. 750 more words

Animal Crossing for The Switch?

With the last main Animal Crossing game being released in 2012, the Welcome Amiibo update of 2016 was well received by fans across the globe. Sure, Nintendo gave us the half decent Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and the not-so-decent Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival in 2015, but fans were left pretty unsatisfied with the lack of stuff to do in these games. 211 more words

Hello Autumn, Good-bye Inkwell

If you couldn’t tell by the tiles around town, Cordero is undergoing some heavy duty changes since Inkwell is moving. It was great to have an octopus in town & Inkwell is a total sweetie jock! 15 more words

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Willow dress!

I updated the Willow dress to add some sleeves as the weather gets chillier!

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