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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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To put it simply; the newest game in the Animal Crossing series for 3DS is a delight to play. 612 more words


Other Games I Play (Not as Part of my Goal)

I wanted to take some time and mention several of the games that I play when I’m not taking on my gaming backlog. These are all games that I find entertaining, but don’t have a desire to beat. 371 more words


Cocoro no Cocoron, sugarsweet Animal Crossing?

As I mentioned in my Game of the Month blog, I had ordered a new Japanese game in December. A gaming friend had recommended the game that was presented as an Animal Crossing like game when it was released in 2011. 583 more words

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Animal Crossing: NL Diary - Day #4: My Kingdom for a House

Still reeling from yesterday’s glimpse of my destiny, I decide to head into work to try and clear my head. Isabelle is quickly on hand to bring me back to earth when she reminds me that I am still completely powerless as mayor. 369 more words


To 100% or Not to 100%—But Not 200%

It might be a bit OCD of me, but I really do like completely completing a game. It was actively bothering me that there was a Mirror class cup in MarioKart 8 I hadn’t three-star golded quite yet. 313 more words


Animal Crossing: NL Diary - Day #3: The Future

I set off this morning with some renewed confidence. While sleeping in a tent isn’t perfect, its better than using a rock for a pillow. Thinking I deserve a day off, I head straight for the Tendo Museum. 463 more words


Animal Crossing: NL Diary - Day #2: Allies and Influence

After a cold night, sleeping in my fenced off piece of barren land, I decide that the only way to improve my situation is to start wielding my mayoral influence on the people around me. 426 more words