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Death of the Conscience: A Sociopath's Primer on Morality

When I was a boy, my father taught me a lot of things that I’ve come to find useful. He taught me to steal without getting caught. 2,870 more words


Stop tickling my feathers; I confess!!!

¬†Hurray!!! It’s time to fluff my feathers and confess. Here’s an inside scoop to things most people wouldn’t know about me. Please bear with me, I’ve been trained to only reveal what’s been asked, and nothing more. 475 more words


The Week in Animal Rights

With every week that goes past, there are wonderful stories about people speaking up about animal rights. Ricky Gervais and J.M. Coetzee are my heroes this week… 673 more words

Animal Testing

Killing a Cat is Fun! Apparently...

WARNING: This article discusses animal cruelty, I won’t be sharing any graphic pictures, but some of the links have them, so take that in consideration. Some links also has a really hateful speech from outraged people. 657 more words

Vet fired from clinic after shooting cat with arrow, posting boastful picture on Facebook

WARNING: Some may find the photo posted below disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

By Ben Brumfield

(CNN) — Hey, look what I did. That small boast on social media can trigger a whirlwind that spins into real-life grief, as a Texas veterinarian found out after shooting a cat. 514 more words


Texas veterinarian fired, being investigated for cat death

BRENHAM, Texas (AP) – Authorities are investigating whether animal cruelty charges should be pursued against a Texas veterinarian shown in a Facebook posting bragging about killing a cat with a bow and arrow. 300 more words


A Texas Veterinarian Bragged About Killing A Cat With An Arrow On Facebook

Texas veterinarian Dr. Kristen Lindsey was fired from her job and may now face criminal charges after sharing an appalling photo on Facebook. The gruesome image (which may be seen in full below) shows her… 273 more words

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