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Body of dog burned, dumped discovered in Davenport

DAVENPORT — A post, regarding a dog that was burned and dumped last week in Davenport, has elicited a massive response on social media from area residents hoping to find the pet’s owner. 164 more words


High-Profile Animal Abuse Trial Scheduled To Start

DEDHAM, Mass. (CBS/AP) — A man charged with abusing a dog so severely that it had to be euthanized is heading to trial nearly four years after the animal that came to be known as… 181 more words


Mass ritual slaughter 'may be repeated'

Animal advocates celebrating end of five-yearly festival are warned the tradition of sacrifice of living beings runs deep

First published on The News Hub on July 29 2015… 1,021 more words

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Profoundly undemocratic: Government inaction over 'performing' animals is a proper circus

First published on The News Hub on July 7 2015

LAST week, a circus-style show came to town in Powys, Wales. It promised live entertainment every night for nine nights. 1,002 more words

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Daily Petition For Homer Please Sign?


Homer poor baby ❤❤❤

Please will you take the time help Homer out he was drug behind a moving truck while being chained to the back of the truck the owner or the person driving did not stop until it was almost too late and we see the outcome now just because his owner did not want him inside of the truck so this happened to Homer this is uncalled for its cruelty to animals and pretty sure that Homer’s owner or used to be owner would not like to be drug behind a moving truck while being chained to a chain and this one story gets to my heart because I am a pet owner and a pit bull owner myself… 265 more words

Dogs Couldn't Stop Wagging Their Tails When Rescuers Arrived and Saved Their Lives (Video)

by N.Morgan

In a horrific discovery, rescuers from Animal Rescue Corp were forced to break down a door to what turned out to be a fake animal sanctuary to save over 100 dogs. 80 more words


Daily Petition Will Help By Signing It 


Come folks we have to be their voices because they can’t speak for themselves so we have to and myself I am a Animal Activist and I will always do what is right when helpless, defenseless animals are getting hurt killed at the hands of their owners or by a crazied psycho and if you are a animal lover like me will take a second and sign it’s that simple and easy no loads of questions nothing needs to be answered just need to hit that button to automatically sign the petition to help these furbabies out or help any of these animals out 6 more words