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In goes life, out comes death

There is nothing peaceful, kind or loving about eating a living sentient being.
Nothing kind, peaceful or loving ever comes from a slaughter house. 247 more words


A Poem: Little Sparrow

Little Sparrow
written by: C.L. Mohsen

Beneath my feet

a little sparrow weeps

faintly, a childish moan

answers my call

I asked the little sparrow, 72 more words

A Baboon With a Keyboard Could Have Written This and Guess What? One Actually Did

Yes, you read that right. Hello human creatures, my name is Kyrysonyx the baboon, and yes, again, I am talking to you. You see, I was brought by a group of people from some organization I don’t fully understand. 434 more words


Let the Cat out of the Bag: An Interview About Animal Cruelty

We rant a lot about the people who keep silent about the issues of animal cruelty, but it’s not because they don’t want to, maybe it’s that nobody asks. 1,566 more words

A Sad Video: Animal Cruelty Animation

The following video is a short animation created by Ashley Simons for her English college class back in 2016, with music created by Jorge Méndez. The simple video depicts just a small part of what happens to beloved pets when they are no longer so beloved.

Ontario teens facing animal cruelty charges after cat allegedly killed on video

KENORA, Ont. – Provincial police say a boy and girl are facing charges in an animal cruelty case in Kenora, Ont.

It’s alleged a 14-year-old boy killed a cat while a 13-year-old girl took video of the incident. 66 more words


Charges Filed After 33 Chihuahuas Found In Filthy Car

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Police say 33 dogs were left in a hot car filled with trash and now a Montgomery County man faces several animal cruelty charges. 93 more words