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Man Faces Animal Cruelty Charges For Neglecting Emaciated Dogs

ROCHESTER (CBS) – It’s a sight even veteran eyes at the Animal Rescue League haven’t seen too often. Two-year-old Bentley, a pitbull mix, so emaciated his ribs and spine are showing. 407 more words


Demand Justice for Puppy Allegedly Dragged, Choked, and Beaten

A defenseless dog was allegedly dragged, choked, and beaten on the head with a hard, plastic leash handle. Demand justice for this animal by signing the petition to assure the alleged cruel perpetrator receives the maximum sentence provided by law. 10 more words


Dogs Allegedly Starved to Death and Decapitated Deserve Justice

Three dogs allegedly starved to death in a gruesome case of animal cruelty. Deputies reportedly found a fourth dog decapitated inside of a black plastic tote. 16 more words


Dog Found Balding and Too Weak to Walk From Starvation Deserves Justice

Hope the German Shepherd was found weighing only 42 pounds and too weak to walk, after allegedly being starved and denied life-saving veterinary care. Demand justice for Hope. 13 more words


Punish Man Who Allegedly Cut Dog’s Neck with Knife

A dog suffered a serious injury when his neck was allegedly cut with a knife. The cut was dangerously close to his main artery and voice box, reports stated. 17 more words


Owner of dog and puppies abandoned in northern Manitoba arrested

The man wanted in connection with an act of animal cruelty in Lynn Lake, Man. has been arrested.

Police said 46-year-old John Gerald Glen Linklater, from Black Sturgeon Falls First Nation, turned him self in Feb. 136 more words


Salt Lake County Animal Services finds new homes for more than 200 seized reptiles

SALT LAKE COUNTY — Dozens of reptiles Salt Lake County Animal Services seized from a local reptile owner now have new homes.

Salt Lake County Animal Services said they adopted out or let reputable rescues take in the more than 200 reptiles… 356 more words