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Is Factory Farming Ethical?

Wikipedia describes factory farming as ‘intensive animal farming or industrial livestock production’  which maximises the production output while minimising the production cost. Animal husbandry has changed its meaning in today’s world- keeping livestock such as cattle, poultry and fish at… 891 more words


The Lives of Animals

J.M Coetzee’s novella, The Lives of Animals, is an animal studies based text, looking into the relationships between humans and animals and how we position ourselves in relation to them. 647 more words

Animal Rights Group Protests Costco Over Supplier's Pig Treatment with Virtual Reality Tools!

Animal rights protest at Costco! Direct Action Everywhere alleges that a pig farm supplier to Costco is torturing pigs with rampant cramped conditions, starvation, dead and dying piglets piled on top of one another, and the use of gestation crates.   144 more words