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Horse racing - a cruel sport. 

Let’s talk about horse racing.

Some go the races for a grand day out, it’s an excuse to get dressed up in all your finery. … 572 more words


Meat and fish industry, the culprits of enviromental destruction

The main leading cause for environment destruction is the meat and fish industry. Overconsumption of water, greenhouse emits of farming animals, pollution, species extinction, deforestation, habitats destruction, and world hunger are the results of animal exploitation. 1,142 more words

Animal Exploitation

So Long Ringling Brothers...

This week saw the final performance of Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. There are those who are saddened by what they view is the end of some idealized and romanticized past. 369 more words

The Taste of Injustice

I cannot help You.
Your shattered Howl wasted against the concrete nerves of your oppressors
Perpetual your crippled pleas, fading-
fading fast into the depths of the Godless heavens… 104 more words


Please exceptionnally Just as a piece of information: list to convey with texts and a video!

Please exceptionnally here is an important list to convey!

This is more important than anything else! 2,063 more words

Why I choose to be vegan. 

I’m not about to try and make you go vegan, that’s your own choice to make, or not make, but I’d like to talk about why I decided to go vegan after being a vegetarian for thirty years. 1,399 more words



Most people love animals. But how much really? Enough to have a pet? Enough to go the zoo… or NOT go to the zoo? Enough to not eat them? 979 more words

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