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We are Pushing a Non-Human Holocaust

I posted a shorter, revised version of this on my facebook last night in the midst of a shocked fury, and woke up this morning thinking I should turn it into a fully-fledged blog (or at least halfway there), because I have a lot of thoughts on this. 1,012 more words


Unmanageable Animal Exploitation

An insatiable demand side knows no bounds.

This is especially true when it originates from an increasingly wealthy Chinese/Vietnamese population of 1.8bn and China’s economic might seems to crush any dissenting voices questioning that demand. 1,641 more words

Animal Tourism: How YOU can help stop animal exploitation

If you scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed regularly, chances are you’ve come across a photo of someone you know posing with a ‘wild’ animal. 938 more words

Travel Tips

Animal Exploitation

Veganism is not a diet; it is an ethical position against the exploitation of animals.

Suggested Reading: Confronting Animal Exploitation: Grassroots Essays on Liberation and Veganism by Kim Socha


Peta UK - Day of Action

UK Day of Action! Tell Thomas Cook to Stop Promoting SeaWorld

The Thomas Cook Group continues to sell tickets to SeaWorld, despite being fully aware of the company’s cruel treatment of animals for profit. 19 more words


Horse racing - a cruel sport. 

Let’s talk about horse racing.

Some go the races for a grand day out, it’s an excuse to get dressed up in all your finery. … 572 more words


Meat and fish industry, the culprits of enviromental destruction

The main leading cause for environment destruction is the meat and fish industry. Overconsumption of water, greenhouse emits of farming animals, pollution, species extinction, deforestation, habitats destruction, and world hunger are the results of animal exploitation. 1,142 more words

Animal Exploitation