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30 Day Vegan Challenge - Day 12 - Satisfy Your Cravings with Plants

The Power of Cravings: Fat and Salt Taste Good

Craving: a very strong desire for something

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Day 12, Colleen makes the case that what we really mean when we say we crave animals as food is that we crave “fat, salt, flavour, texture and familiarity”.

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Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Tiger Temple: first impressions


“ […] Regarding to Tiger Temple… To start with, there was a clash of cultures: no strapless t-shirts nor short sleeves as pants. 1,054 more words


“Most people do care about animals.
Most people reject the idea that animals are just things.
Most people think that animals count morally.
So the goal is to convince those people that this all requires that they go vegan, and that ‘happy’ or ‘humane’ exploitation is not a morally acceptable alternative. 22 more words


Veganuary, or Why I'm Going Vegan

Sometime in mid-December, I decided that I wanted to finally give veganism a shot. I’ve been vegetarian since March of 2013, but I always had the intention of eventually cutting out eggs & dairy. 3,433 more words


Mijas Donkey Taxi Problems


Mijas typifies the problems facing donkeys in many Mediterranean tourist attractions. Fueled by tourist from all over the world looking for something to do to fill their holidays, a trip to Mijas and a ride on the donkeys seems like an innocent enough pastime. 326 more words

Animal Cruelty

The Dairy Industry

I live in Australia, so most of the research I have done on farming practises is specific to Australia.


Dairy milk is produced by female cows who have given birth to a calf. 782 more words