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The Daily Escape from Animal Exploitation and Toxic Transmasculinity

~~ guest post written by Corvus ~~

Disclaimer: I am transmasculine and identify mostly as a transgender butch or simply transgender. I do not identify as a binary trans man, nor do I have the internal or psychological experience of many binary trans men. 3,406 more words

Commonalities Of Oppression

An urgent appeal for your help

Although I have promoted various petitions in the past, I have not promoted any funding requests from charitable organisations. I am making an exception today. 450 more words

Wisdom From A Baby Pig Plush Toy

Once upon a time, I had a beautiful young wife.

Because we recognized that human population growth is a major contributor to environmental destruction and mass extinction, we decided not to create human children. 532 more words

Greyhound Exploitation

This is sad. Not only because people are supporting an industry that exploits these beautiful creatures, but because they probably don’t even know they are supporting it! 707 more words

Animal Cruelty

The Animal Ag Industry Just Had a Really Bad Week

The animal agriculture industry just had a really bad week… and it’s probably going to get worse.

It all started a week ago, last Monday, when Canadian Cattlemen, a magazine and online publication, published an article called “ 796 more words

Kim Socha

“Are we biologically designed to eat animals or culturally motivated to do so? My honest answer is that it doesn’t matter to me. We live in an industrialized culture with ample alternatives to eating, wearing, and otherwise using animals, so we shouldn’t.”


Licking the Frog

Back in the 1990’s Ellen DeGeneres released a comedy CD called, “Taste This.” In one bit called, Licking a Frog, she describes the bizarre human discovery that licking (certain) frogs can actually give humans a bit of a high.   877 more words

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