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The Problem with Phi Phi

On the surface Koh Phi Phi, one of Thailand’s small but popular islands nestled in the Andaman Sea, seems like absolute paradise. With it’s glistening, turquoise waters, soft white sand, secluded setting and beautiful sunsets it seems the perfect place for a relaxing holiday. 1,160 more words


Current Ambitions

I’m working on a series of consecutive essays at the moment focusing on the ethics of animals, with a concentrated approach to various points such as… 247 more words

The Proposed New Law Banning the Use of Wild Animals in Circuses in UK will Not Now be Passed in Parliament

Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist and free software supporter Luis Leonel.

They ( Andre , Philip, Christipher,) love British cirus… 231 more words

Animal Rights

"I Care About Human Problems": 6 Reasons to Go Vegan Anyway

Also posted on The Dodo

When promoting veganism, we’re often confronted by claims of care toward humans as though they negate the importance of going vegan. 1,162 more words


DAIRY - Daring to Exploit

“A creature born into slavery is a creature bornĀ forĀ slavery.” – Rousseau (The Social Contract)

Dairy, alongside meat, is not a necessary evil, but, so long as it keeps making money, it is an evil worth existing. 988 more words


MEAT - The World's Most Accepted Form of Snuff

“What separates man from all other beasts is not his desire to live, but his desire that all others should live or die only for him.” 1,073 more words


30 Day Vegan Challenge - Day 12 - Satisfy Your Cravings with Plants

The Power of Cravings: Fat and Salt Taste Good

Craving: a very strong desire for something

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Day 12, Colleen makes the case that what we really mean when we say we crave animals as food is that we crave “fat, salt, flavour, texture and familiarity”.

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Colleen Patrick-Goudreau