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The Most Shocking Show on Earth

A/N: I know this isn’t exactly following what I usually post, and that it’s just an essay I wrote for a class. But being a vegan, I’m already very big on animal rights. 2,613 more words


Tripadvisor Is Finally Stopping Ticket Sales To Irresponsible Wildlife Attractions. But Is It Enough?

Tripadvisor has finally announced that it is to end its practice of selling tickets to cruel and unethical wildlife attractions, but is it too little too late? 809 more words

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There's Nothing #SoHipster About 'Renting' an Animal

So a couple of days ago, one of our team members was scrolling through Facebook and passing the time, when she happened upon some photos of her friend riding an elephant in Cambodia. 295 more words

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Think Twice Before Your Next Holiday Selfie!

“If you can hug it, ride it, or take a selfie with it in a close encounter, chances are that animal has been suffering and been subject to cruelty” – Nicole Beynon, WAP head of campaigns… 326 more words

Animal Rights

The Terrible Truth About Animal Attractions

550,000. That’s how many animals are suffering around the world in tourist attractions at this very moment. But the scary thing isn’t just that these defenceless animals are being mistreated and abused, it’s also the fact that we, as tourists, as… 299 more words

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The Greatest Lie Ever Told !


How the rape and killing of cows have
become “happy cows”.

And the daily mass murdering of
chickens has become “happy chickens”.