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A3-Work Book/Research- 237.130.Communications in Creative Cultures

Week 9- 18th May hand in…

Poaching of Exotic animals. (animal extinction) 


Aim: To create a visual text in which illustrates visual activism. I want to provoke awareness and initiate positive change through visual action. 1,063 more words

Data Confusion- Why Data Journalism is more Important than ever before

Data is everywhere we look. Digital technologies mean that as consumers we are bombarded with data every single day. Everyone is using data to convince us of their point of view and as a society we are being presented with more data  than ever before. 265 more words

Animal Extinction - the blood lies on human hands.

Africa is home to the world’s most iconic wildlife, but not for much longer. Humans hold the power to create and destroy life, and unfortunately there are some people in this world who have the blood on their hands for killing such animals. 705 more words


Life-Size Portraits of Wildlife in Destructed African Landscapes where They Lived

Photographer Nick Brandt is behind a project titled Inherit the Dust where he underlines the fact that the increasing urbanisation of Africa chased elephant, lions or leopards away from their natur… 12 more words


Wildlife populations in danger, let's not forget

When the majority of people hear the words animal extinction perhaps the more obvious animals come to mind; the tyrannosaurus rex, the saber-toothed tiger, the mammoth or maybe the dodo… 526 more words

World & Opinion

Sculptures by Peter Gronquist

just found one artist combining taxidermy with objects like guns and company logo, to raise the awareness of endangered animals (or animals killing). By hunting, or by company like McDonald and handbag company…etc. 40 more words

Inspiration From Artists

Art related to animal extinction

As I am writing my research proposal, so that I need to back to research on any art related to animal extinction. Found this flash page is quite useful, it have a geometric 2D form of the animals, and when we click in, got more information. 105 more words

Art/Design Related To Animals