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5 Facts About Alaskan Sled Dogs

On a recent trip to Alaska, I went dog sledding on the Mendenhall glacier, which is the temporary home of a mushing camp. A glacier is an odd place to put a mushing camp, because of the crevices that often cover their surface. 774 more words


The Animal Gladiators of the Colosseum

A couple days ago, I landed back in the United States after a long flight from Rome, Italy, the last place I visited on my Europe trip. 455 more words


Stuck in Time: The Animals of Pompeii

While in Sorrento, Italy, my mother and I took the train to the nearby ruins of the City of Pompeii. We also visited Herculaneum, a smaller ruin nearby.   538 more words


Mermaids in Sorrento, Italy

Recently, we travelled from Paris, France to Sorrento, Italy. As I walked throughout the town, I couldn’t help but notice that a common symbol is one of a mermaid. 241 more words


The Chimera and Gargoyles of Notre Dame

A couple days ago, I visited the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.  What caught my eye were the Chimera and Gargoyles located on the high walls and the roof. 375 more words


Depictions of Animals in Egyptian Mythology

Hello everyone! Sorry that I’ve been on somewhat of a hiatus, I was trying to focus on my first year of middle school. Now that I’m on summer break, I will post more frequently. 763 more words


5 Animals with Human Qualities

Whether they look similar to us or not, many animals possess features that are common to the ones that humans have. Humans seem to have an obsession with distancing themselves mentally from other animal species in a variety of ways, like behaviors and characteristics. 939 more words

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