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Newton's Three Laws Through the Eyes of Animals

Note:  I did this for a school project, and I have adapted it into a blog post. Special thanks to Professor Jacob Willig-Onwuachi, who teaches physics at Grinnell College for his clarifying suggestions and feedback. 1,001 more words

Animal Facts

5 Facts About Animals Associated with Christmas

1. What’s up with Reindeer?-

Reindeer: the classic Christmas animal (in America, at least). They are the animal so famously known for pulling Santa’s sled and guiding him around the world to deliver presents. 557 more words

Animal Facts

What's Up with Geese Migrations?

As many of you living in the Midwest of the United States may have noticed, there have been lots of geese flying over recently. You can hear them before you see them, oftentimes, with their loud honks and big dark wings sweeping across the sky. 473 more words

Animal Facts

5 Amazing Facts About Octopuses And Cephalopods

I just realized that it was World Octopus Day last Saturday, on October 8th, 2017. So, I decided that I’d make a fun, yet belated post about octopuses (or octopi, the world may never know). 501 more words

Animal Facts

Castle Valley Horseback-Riding In Moab Review

Mama Jen (one of my moms) and I took a trip to Moab, where we did a horseback ride to Castle Valley with Moab Adventure Center. 503 more words

Animal Facts

The Predators of Birds that You Wouldn't Expect

Birds are one of the five well known categories of vertebrate animals on this earth, besides mammals, fish, insects, reptiles and amphibians. They are characterized by their wings and feathers and ability to fly, although not all birds can do/have all these things. 673 more words

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Happy Place For Animals

by guest blogger Ben Samford, age 8 

I read The One and Only Ivan, which is about a gorilla who is in captivity for 18 years and then finally decides to take a stand and let people know about the kind of situation he was in.  355 more words

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