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Castle Valley Horseback-Riding In Moab Review

Mama Jen (one of my moms) and I took a trip to Moab, where we did a horseback ride to Castle Valley with Moab Adventure Center. 503 more words

Animal Facts

The Predators of Birds that You Wouldn't Expect

Birds are one of the five well known categories of vertebrate animals on this earth, besides mammals, fish, insects, reptiles and amphibians. They are characterized by their wings and feathers and ability to fly, although not all birds can do/have all these things. 673 more words

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Happy Place For Animals

by guest blogger Ben Samford, age 8 

I read The One and Only Ivan, which is about a gorilla who is in captivity for 18 years and then finally decides to take a stand and let people know about the kind of situation he was in.  355 more words

Animal Facts

8 Cool Facts About Rats (Posthumously Starring My Rat, Jones)

I was looking back on some memories on my old rats that I used to have, and I became aware of the fact that, in my almost 5 years running my blog, I’ve never actually done a blog post about rat facts! 557 more words

Animal Facts

The Difference Between the Respiratory Systems of Humans and Certain Mammal Species

Since I haven’t done a blog post about or involving humans in a while, I thought that I’d make a quick post about the respiratory system of people, and how it differs from that of mammals. 864 more words

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The Platypus and Other Venomous Mammals

Over the past couple days, I’ve been reading a book called “Venomous” by Christie Wilcox, which, as the name suggests, is about venomous animals. Specifically, I was interested in the subcategory of venomous mammals. 379 more words

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