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if you can't say something nice...

Political correctness.

It’s become so much a part of our society now that we almost anticipate to be on the receiving end of it. Case in point: trophies for losers. 712 more words


Smell Good

The woman I live with says I smell good. Here’s why she might be right!


Fry baby, fry

McDonald’s is being sued.

They’ve recently begun selling mozzarella sticks.  It seems that instead of piping hot, breaded planks of cheese, numerous patrons have been presented with hollow cylinders of sadness—no cheese. 695 more words


Are you washing with ANIMAL FAT?

So there I was, staying in a luxury five star hotel in Berlin. Next to the bathroom sink, sat a collection of beautifully presented, complimentary hotel toiletries. 600 more words

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