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Why Animal Fats Are Paleo And Belong In Healthy Diets

I’ve been looking at some of the more mainstream, yet Paleo blogs, and I noticed a trend: even in the Paleo community there is the message that animal based fats aren’t healthy. 782 more words

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The dangers of corn syrup

The other day, I responded to a comment on a conservative American website with regard to diet.

The context was in regard to the reform of Obamacare in the Trump administration. 1,439 more words

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Bank of England sticks with £5 note despite animal fat concerns

Last year it came to light that the new plastic fivers are actually made using tallow, a substance produced from animal fat.

The news sparked an online petition… 174 more words

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Bank of England going to keep the new £5 note

A petition against the new £5 note  stated that tallow on the new polymer £5 notes which comes from animal fat was “unacceptable to millions of vegans, vegetarians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and others in the UK”. 92 more words

The new £5 note has animal fat in it - here's what else isn't vegetarian

There has been an interesting issue in the UK over the last month or so. The Bank of England admitted that the new £5 note contains animal fat. 394 more words

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No vegan money here

So if you are vegan you can’t eat meat,

You can’t even have cheese and biscuits as a treat,

But now you also can’t spend any cash, 169 more words

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6 Lifestyle Keys to Better Cholesterol

 By Alice Oglethorpe

When you have high cholesterol, you want to bring those numbers down to help prevent a heart attack or a stroke. If that brings to mind bowl after bowl of oat bran and long slogs on a treadmill, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. 1,241 more words

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