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The Tuff Breakout Tactical Pen

We all like to have that perfect writing pen that feels good, writes well, and looks better than the standard ball point pen, right?  Sure we do.  434 more words

Mid Ohio Imb

House of CB London - Vegan Leather Skirt

The Brand is House of CB London and the girl behind it is 17year old Conna Walker who started in her bedroom with a laptop, a few designs (namely the iconic bodycon dress) and a dream. 196 more words


MATT & NAT - ‘The Sims’ Clutch

The Brand is MATT & NAT and the idea behind the brand is to explore the synergy between MAT(T)ERIAL and NATure and the direct reflection one has on the other. 226 more words


The top eco-friendly companies to give all your holiday money to

It’s the holiday season and despite how hard we try to remember the “true spirit of the season,” we’re going to be materialistic and buy gifts for ourselves and others. 679 more words



Your purchase has power and I think it’s important to remember that. Maybe not every time, but I think when an ethical decision can be made, it should be. 245 more words

Bucket List

Beauty Review Thursday: Top 10 Favorite Lush Products

It’s another Beauty Review Thursday my loves, so you know what that means! An in depth review of the beauty industries best vegan beauty products. It’s been so long since I have had the chance to post for you guys! 1,522 more words


Experimenting with soap-making

I’ve been wanting to make soap for a while, but felt quite intimidated at the prospect after a bit of research.  All soap contains sodium hydroxide, better known as caustic soda or lye, which creates the chemical reaction which turns a bunch of melted oils and fat into actual soap. 1,187 more words