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Season 1, Episode 2: Vegan Tacos for the Hungry

Thank you so much for tuning into The Tattooed Vegan Bunny! This next episode is called Vegan Tacos for the Hungry. The video narrates the story in a creative way of how to make delicious tacos without using any animal products. 185 more words

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Making Veganism Understandable

This is an eyeopening video from The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida that explains veganism so clearly. I myself have recently began thinking about the transition into a vegan lifestyle and found that this video made my mind up for me. 73 more words

Vegan Kicks: Good Guys

Boy does it feel good to be back!

I recently came upon this little treasure of a company called Good Guys and can I just say… I am in LOVE. 51 more words


Lettuce Discuss... Vegan Gluten Free Bread / Fruit Loaf

Lettuce Discuss… Vegan Gluten free Bread and Fruit Loaf

We have bought this bread from various Vegan stores and have paid between $5 and $8 per loaf this will make two loaves for $3 add fruit and you will pay $4 at the most. 521 more words


Big Brands Still Animal Testing

I recently came across this post detailing some of the big brand names that still test their products on animals:

Despite the growing knowledge and anti-animal testing support in society I was surprised to find some big brands ar… 166 more words

Why do we need organic clothes?

By Mariya Grinina

In the on-going debate on whether organic food makes us healthier or not, I take a side that is in favor of organics. 238 more words


Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot video- Abstract Appreciation

Hello and welcome to the first ever post of The Tattooed Vegan Bunny! We hope you enjoy this pilot video that you are about to see. 243 more words

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