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Tell Domino's Pizza To Source Its Ingredients from More Animal-Friendly Suppliers

Sign the petition here.

It’s simple: Don’t eat at places that don’t care about the suffering of animals! (Or about their customers…)


Cruelty-Free Tampons

Let’s talk about periods for a second. Not the grammatical type of periods but the one’s that make you spend money every month. Or like the media likes to call it “mother nature”. 479 more words


Eye cream, because you are 30 now

Hi guys, last month I celebrated my 30th Birthday. I was scared to find it aweful, 30 is like a new era. People of that age are married, have children, a carrier, I have kitties and loads of stories! 415 more words


Do your peeling!

Hi Guys! Today I wanted to inform you on the importance of skincare! In specific a “peeling” because you might not know but… Once a week you should go for the complete package! 414 more words


My Skincare Routine

Since a couple of weeks I have a clear skinroutine! I never had this before and now I really start to notice the difference. Less impurities and a little glow. 273 more words


Buffy, skincare at high level

Body butters are always one of my favorite products. I love to think on the fact that if I moisturize and scrub well my cellulite will somehow, sometime disappear. 387 more words


#Veganuary: Day 6 (all meals)

Meeting deadlines have kept me from writing regularly. But today I am going to finish writing the remaining portions of my tryst with vegan food. … 172 more words