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Observations at a Halloween Party

First of all, Happy Haunting everyone! It’s my absolute favorite time of the year. This morning I sat with my tea, mesmerized as the trees out back purged their leaves. 859 more words


Animal House - Sorry EP

Britpop still seems to be quite an obsession for many Australians, as a lot of indie/garage bands adopt that ’90s Britpop sound. Animal House is one such band – starting out in Brisbane, they took the Britpop obsession further by moving on over to the UK to continue their music career. 299 more words

CD Reviews

Rest In Paradise Tommy...

This was a hard pill to swallow…He was the glue that kept “Martin” together. To this day, we will never know where he actually work at. 38 more words


Here's Some "Gu Wop" To Hold You Over Til Friday...

Hope you got your tickets for Friday. It’s ain’t but 4 days away. Patapsco Arena gonna be ridiculous!!!! And since i know you love you some gucci, check out the boy going shopping for some kicks. 34 more words


Remember When Hip Hop Did This?.....

Right now the boy Beanie Sigel is getting it in. I mean despite the sneak attack at the Bad Boy tour, that beef (if that’s what you wanna call it) between him and… 146 more words


State Property Is Back!!!

This was the best cypher of the BET joints by far!!! Neef, Omillio, Freeway, and Peedi burned that (Dookie) down! …And then the boy… 36 more words


On My Mind: Horror Movies

Well here it goes again Deviants, the part where I tell you what’s beenĀ On My MindĀ and you read it so here it is. 303 more words