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Some Of My Favorite Funny Movie Clips

Today’s post is just a nonsensical look at some of my favorite funny movie clips.

I’ve watched a lot of comedies and so called comedies over the years and here are some of the clips that still buzz around in my head. 340 more words


Round 7- Adelaide v North Melbourne: Four quarters, four pubs, four points (pints)

Inspired by seminal film-noir offering Animal House and the road trip taken by Otter, Boon, Flounder, and Pinto I realise I need a robust plan. How was I going to watch the footy on Saturday? 803 more words

People And Places

'Mammy' Salt Shakers, Vietnam, and The Trap of Confederate Nostalgia

Yesterday there was an article posted on npr.org titled ‘Feeling Kinship with the South, Northerners Let Their Confederate Flags Fly.’ In it, the author profiles two Iowa men, neither of whom have any real geographic or family connection to the South or the Confederacy as a historical fact, yet fly confederate flags and feel a deep kinship to the Southern cause—though not in a racist way, of course. 1,914 more words


Caps Fans: A Few Words of Inspiration From The Gents at Delta House

After a night of cathartic dancing, an entire carton of ice cream, and 24 hours to think it over, I only have one phrase to say—we are going to win the whole damn thing. 438 more words


April 27 - Animal House

Travel back to your freshman dorm wall decoration–let’s revive 1978 National Lampoon classic set here in our little-old campus town. In Bike in Shapes’ first ever texted-based ride, let’s the stitch the infamous “COLLEGE” lettering in John Belushi’s icon sweatshirt. 29 more words


Hooligan Hotspot - Episode 12: Rico Reed, Whyteboy Frazier & Merk

Watch as Rico Reed, Whyteboy Frazier and Merk star in the 12th episode of Squirrel Wyde‘s new, Hooligan Hotspot. Want to be featured in upcoming episodes? 52 more words


I'm Well, but the Words Make Me Sick

It’s never fun to get sick. It saps my energy, makes me lazy and prevents me from being productive. But now that I’m better, let’s dive in and make fun of the following utterances at networking events. 189 more words