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The New Look of Animal House--Transgender Fraternities and Sororities

If Hollywood does a remake of Animal House it could look a lot different in the brave new world of gender identity.

How longer will we even use the words Fraternity and Sororities when referring to Greek life on college campuses? 224 more words


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Somebody Tag My Wife!!!...... I Love "Love"

I’m a sucker for love. I feel like there’s nothing like it. Emotions running wild…. sweating all over the place… heart beating like a Say Wut… 70 more words


Mental Health... Is Super Serious!

Just wanted to post this …. sometimes I feel like there’s something wrong with me ( I’m not playing). Guess I’ll find out sooner or later…


R.I.P. Shawty Lo.... They Know [VIDEO]

I never had the chance to meet him, but I would have loved to. I use to bang “Foolish” in the car. I don’t have much to say…. 127 more words


Evil Geeks Disassembled: Grrrr Argh! - Ep 1: Learning from the Master with Mark Metcalf

Welcome to the very first episode of EvilGeeks.com’s newest podcast: Grrrr Argh! where we talk all things Whedon (but mostly Buffy)! We set the bar high as far as guests in this premiere episode, as The Master himself, Mark Metcalf, joins Undies of Wondy and C-Mart to talk his time terrorizing Sunnydale, as well as his role in the comedy classic, Animal House and his character The Maestro on Seinfeld! 61 more words

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Happy Founder's Day!!! Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc.

Today, the brothers off Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. are celebrating their 53rd anniversary. Founded in 1963, 12 brothers joined to form a great bond in the name of scholarship, leadership, citizenship, fidelity, and brotherhood. 37 more words