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This Is Why I Don't Like Snakes!!!

You know It’s bad when you can’t even go to the bathroom in peace. Story in Thailand is that a man was taking a number 2 when all of the sudden, a damn… 16 more words


056C - 351 - SPG

I trained at Animal House gym this morning – Milwaukees original hardcore gym. I haven’t been here since 1993 before I moved to Chicago and back. 116 more words


What's Your Favorite Sean Combs' "Nickname?" [POLL]

Who you know in the industry with more monikers that this guy here? Yup, nobody. He changed his name more times than….well…..a lot LOL. so take the poll and answer the question…. 15 more words


Getting You Ready For The "Bad Boy" Reunion..

Man I can’t wait!!! I’m definitely going to the Bad Boy Reunion September 3rd. I’m not gonna front, I wish the T.V. show crews ( 48 more words


Kanye Stuns Ellen...

I will be the first to admit that I used to think Kanye was ….. A little ….off. But after watching him on Ellen the other day, i have a whole new love for the boy. 42 more words

Kanye West

You Vs The Gym.... This Is How Beginners Look!

Don’t you hate those people that be in the gym ….. lifting everything ….. like they’re Thor or The Hulk? Then try to tell you how you should be exercising? 63 more words


So You Think You Tough Huh? [EXPLICIT]

This had me dying today….. I remember seeing this a long time ago. Please do yourself a favor and check this out…. I bet you not tougher than these dudes… 9 more words