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Best Trick In The World!!! [VIDEO]

I love magic! I always wanted to be a magician, doing card tricks in the cafe at school looking like a fat stupid boy lol. But this trick right here….THE TRUTH! 37 more words


If You Love Video Games, The Next Step Is...?

Being a video game fanatic, I remember going to the arcade up Security and Westview. Spending all my hard earned money (well, sort of). But for real, I used to spend all day in there with my friends playing Galaga, Ms. 55 more words


The Best Cartoon EVER was...?

Being a big kid, TV has helped raised me. There was nothing like getting a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and sitting in front of the big floor model TV with the stereo inside (You remember that) and watching the best cartoon in the world…. 61 more words


Top 5 College Movies Worth Watching

There is no shortage of high school stories, but there doesn’t seem to be as many great stories told of characters who are attending college. Despite this belief, I have a few college movies that I love to watch. 1,501 more words


Do You Remember "Schoolhouse Rock"???

When I was A young piglet, I used to love getting up early and watch cartoons. Channel 2, 13, and 11 was the truth with 45 and 54 showing some cool ones. 91 more words


Movie Posters Without the Text...Part 1

Movie posters are iconic pieces of art but it is amazing how much the titles and font are part of the visual appeal.  We check out what the posters look like with the text stripped away and only the visual to sell the story.

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