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The Best Cypher Ever Was...? [VIDEO]

Listen buddy, we’ve seen all types of cyphers on BET and MTV. Local rappers and freestyles from scrubs. but by far, Shady Records murdered everything moving! 41 more words


Funk Flex Disses Jay-Z, Nas, Drake, Bow Wow, and More!! [AUDIO]

Well, well, well….our good friend Funkmaster Flex is at it again. Ranting about…..well…. EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY! There’s why too much to type so just check it out for yourself. 10 more words


Zoning Restrictions: Toga, Toga, NO-ga


It’ s been a problem in Boulder as people slowly starting to realize that you can’t cook a soufflé in an eggcup.

With CU enrollment continuing to stuff the town with more and more students every year, the once elastic and proportional housing market in Boulder is slowly sagging under the rapidly growing weight like a belt after Thanksgiving. 1,015 more words


The Person They Missed On Billboard's Top 10 Is...?

…None other than KRS-ONE. I mean they are soooo many they didn’t make the list. Billboard said that they picked the list off of consistency. 65 more words


BREAKING NEWS!!! World's Smallest Singer!! [VIDEO]

ok…ok…. I did it again…. but you love it though! The world’s smallest singer IS…….. UNCLE PECOS !! You know him right? Well ask your peoples who he is….believe me they know. 81 more words


Breaking News!!! Singing Frog Hit New York!!

Ok…. Ya’ll know damn well ain’t no real singing frog! LOL But let me take you back to my child hood. This was one of the Biggest… 38 more words


On This Day In Hip Hop [VIDEO]

A lot of things went down on this day in Hip Hop history. 2Pac released “2Pacalpse Now”, Lil Kim came out with “Hardcore” and the young boy Hov gave us “Blueprint 2.” I was thinking to myself how could you follow up the first Blueprint? 78 more words