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Here they come in dazzling flight
Zooming and wizzling in the light
Flipping and cutting at the light at night
Colliding, stamping at the light… 40 more words


Everyone Except the Deer...

are using our deer feeders these early spring days… 6 more words


Animal life at Seething for the good and for the bad.

There are not only students enjoying the Halls of Seething Wells, students have regular visits from pigeons in their kitchens and a grey cat.

Students have had quite a few uninvited guests lurking around and in their flats at Seething Wells since they moved in. 465 more words


Signs Keep Appearing on March 8th 2015

As My Mom used to say, “Where there’s life there’s hope.” She also said, “There’s always hope in the Spring.” Believe in the possibilities.


Innovations in Animal Testing

Will Animal Testing Remain a Necessary Standard?

February 2015

Harvard bioengineer Geraldine Hamilton examining a replicated liver on a chip.

A closeup of an ” Organ-on-a-Chip.” … 426 more words

Animal Testing

Winter Sightings

Halfway through February! We are well along on our journey through winter. Every day, the sun sets a little later and it is cheering to still have daylight at six in the evening. 503 more words

Animal Life