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3 Reasons it's Time to be Vegan

  1. I’m not better than animals.

We humans have an insane sense of entitlement. What makes us better than the millions of animals we share our planet with? 211 more words

Animal Life

My Cat Hates Me?

Cats are a peculiar bunch, sometimes it is hard to read their body language or for that matter their emotions. Cats do not hate you; animals do not know the meaning of hate. 435 more words


Adventure is Waiting When you Visit Colombia

If you love adventure, if you love nature, if you love the outdoors then Colombia is the place to visit. As I become more fluent in the language of Spanish I have joined groups that go on great explorations of natural reserves, parks and protected areas in Colombia. 1,103 more words

Bailey, Marshmellow and Snow.

Rats aren’t everyone’s piece of cake. I realize that not everyone loves them, likes them, or can even tolerate them. What I ask when people ask me about them, is not to change their points of view on my girls but to simply accept that I love them and that this should be enough for something that will never affect their lives truly in the first place. 208 more words

365 Day Challenge

African lion numbers "may fall by halve"

Lion populations in Africa ‘could halve in 20

The number of lions in Africa is rapidly
dropping, except in highly-managed areas in
the south of the continent, a study has found. 287 more words


Boru, The Stray Kitten

We have a new member in the family.. She”s a stray kitten. She suddenly came from nowhere last week and soon became a special one for us, me and my sister. 349 more words