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Why This Cliché "Gets my Goat"

I’ve been careful to chose my words wisely the last two weeks. Neighbors, family, and friends literally “got my goat(s)” but were only a blessing and relief to this inexperienced hobby farmer. 967 more words

Building Memories

Inspiration|Birds of a Feather 

In some cases, birds of a feather doesn’t actually FLOCK together sometimes they just happen to land in the WRONG nest. Remember that association brings about assimilation.- LK

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Jaguar Project

In February of 2017, I had the tremendous opportunity of volunteering at the Belize Jaguar Project at Mountain Pine Ridge, in the beautiful Cayo District of Belize. 602 more words

Animal Life

The 'obligate carnivore' in your kitchen- why cats need meat in their diet.

Recently I have found myself ‘engaging’ in debates surrounding veganism. Some of these discussions have centred around pet nutrition, specifically the choice made by some pet owners to feed their cats a vegan diet. 1,247 more words

Animal Life

Looking In

To the birds outside my window today
I am the object behind the screen

 Chagall ∞


Heatstroke in pets- tips on how to keep your pet safe.

The sun has been out for 2 days straight now which obviously means it is the beginning of summer in the UK. Rising temperatures might be nice for us but our four legged friends don’t always enjoy the heat, and in some cases it can have devastating effects. 821 more words

Animal Life

Grand Teton National Park - May 20, 2017

First day back into the park and we see a group of cars lining the road near a bushel of trees. That always means wildlife and a bunch of people out there with cameras. 151 more words

Teton Sights