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deep magic & a hawk


Four mornings ago, a red-tailed hawk flew directly in front of my windshield. It was carrying a dead squirrel. Immediately I considered the import of this and pulled over. 20 more words

Dream: 5/12/18 - Mother's Day Eve

I dreamt of a sexy young vixen being bold, domanant, and confident. Foolishly flaunting her sexuality and desire to give with force.

Lacking awareness of her receptors desire to recieve from her the vixen attemps to give to this enormously huge, slightly older black women. 95 more words

Receiving Symbolic Messages From Your Animals - Tammy Billups.

Courtesy of Inner Self

by Tammy Billups.

Your animals are amazing hosts and mirrors through which incredible wisdom, inspiration, and answers to your questions can arrive in many ways, including through the genius of symbolism. 32 more words

Bee Medicine

This time of the year I will be stopped in my tracks because of beauty in nature. I often find myself with some sort of camera in hand to be ready for the next thing that speaks to me. 207 more words

Animal Medicine

"Animal Medicine": Learning from and Communicating with Animals - Openhand

Courtesy of Openhand

“Animal Medicine”: Learning from and Communicating with Animals

Submitted by Open on Fri, 09/28/2012 – 05:13

Spiritual Articles


How does animal medicine work? 693 more words

Modern Day Herriot: Day 11

Gone are the days of romanticized country veterinary practice, as wonderfully depicted in Al Wight’s (James Herriot’s)¬†All Creature’s Great and Small. Veterinarians in agriculture do not get invited to supper after visiting a farm… 298 more words

Sixty Day Challenge Accepted!

Heron Wisdom


Sentry like

At the waters edge;

Grounded, calm, still.

Earth holds you

Elegant wise bird

Of the marshland.

Watchful of opportunities,

Regal wings graciously… 22 more words

Soul Strolling