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Journey: Your Inner Garden

Inside your mind is a garden. This garden is a beautiful reflection of you; your life, your body, your emotions, your power and your healing. This garden changes as you change and vice versa; as you make changes in your inner garden, these shifts can be a catalyst for change in your physical reality. 195 more words

Earth Medicine

Peace # 338


for all life

on the planet .

Animal Spirit Medicine: The Raven

Magic is in the air, and something extraordinary is on the horizon.

Dream and visions are no coincidence when Raven is speaking to you. They are not to be taken lightly. 182 more words

Peace # 324

Peace for All

Wild, unpredictable

natural predators, not

trusting,  living on the

 edges of separation

near human beings

not wild not free



mostly. 9 more words

Animal Spirit Medicine: The Bee

It’s that time of year when the afternoon showers roll in and the garden is full of veggies and budding blooms. Have you noticed an abundance of bees hovering around your rose garden? 166 more words

Messages from the Animal Kingdom

As we become more sensitive to our surroundings, the animals are evolving as well! It’s so much fun to connect with the animals and to send them love and healing. 94 more words

Animal Kingdom


I am in an upright position, in murky water when suddenly a large Croc comes at me from behind – mouth wide open about to swallow me for lunch.  1,406 more words