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Modern Day Herriot: Day 11

Gone are the days of romanticized country veterinary practice, as wonderfully depicted in Al Wight’s (James Herriot’s) All Creature’s Great and Small. Veterinarians in agriculture do not get invited to supper after visiting a farm… 298 more words

Sixty Day Challenge Accepted!

Heron Wisdom


Sentry like

At the waters edge;

Grounded, calm, still.

Earth holds you

Elegant wise bird

Of the marshland.

Watchful of opportunities,

Regal wings graciously… 22 more words

Soul Strolling

Reconnecting with nature

For most of humanities existence, we lived in accordance with nature. Over time, as we’ve progressed technologically most people have become disconnected physically, mentally and spiritually from our home and mother, Earth. 188 more words


Garlic; How to Use as Medicine and How to Make Infused Honey

Garlic is one of the most important plants.  It is easy to grow, easy to find, and easy to use.  The garlic bulb is unassuming but let us not forget its amazing qualities. 478 more words

Herbal Remedies

The Squirrel Buddha

During my walk around the neighborhood today I saw this squirrel eating a nut while sitting atop a Buddha statue in the neighbor’s yard.  Squirrel invites us to “squirrel away”  or prepare our resources for the coming winter.  93 more words

This & That

In between Worlds

Mountain lion. Were you a dream? So magnificent, so close, so impossible. I doubt what I saw but you were there, your scat fresh not far from my tent to prove it. 171 more words

In Spirit

Who is Dr. Vet Jet?

This is my first blog post (ever) so bear with me. Allow me to introduce myself, Dr. Nicole Davis DVM of the House New Jersey, First of Her Name, the NAVLE passer, Breaker of….pharmacology, and Mother of Bearded Dragon (and cat). 835 more words