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Sly Fox

I captured this hunting fox just this past fall (2016) as I was just beginning to work with my new camera and lens. He happened to be hunting just outside of my condo and must have caught 4 or more prey. 228 more words


Daily Tarot Card Reading 7/1/2017

Daily tarot card: Spider Woman, Queen of Stones (pentacles) in the West. You will cross paths with a woman today, possibly Grandmother Spider. Sometimes the court cards in tarot can be read as being part of the client’s psyche. 389 more words

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Daily Tarot Card Reading 5/1/2017

Tarot Card of the Day: Four of Cups. You may be feeling discontent with what you have. The grass seems constantly greener elsewhere. Because you are emotionally stagnant, unmotivated and unhappy you are using procrastination as a way to cope. 181 more words

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Animal Medicine Monday - Snow Goose

Snow Geese – Credit: Cephas, Wikimedia

Snow Goose is the Sweet Medicine animal totem within SunBear’s Earth Astrology that corresponds to the sun sign of Capricorn. 186 more words


Daily Tarot Card Reading: 30/12/2016

Animal Medicine for today: Fox. Fox medicine is frequently misunderstood however, it is a powerful energy to work with. If fox medicine is calling you, you are indeed blessed. 370 more words

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Animal Medicine Monday - Raccoon

Raccoons are considered the masked heyoehkah, or sacred clown.  As they gather, they teach us to collect only that which is necessary.  They also teach us to horde, save and steal.  18 more words


What Medicine Does Hawk Bring?

I kneel in silent meditation. A hawk is standing behind me. His wings encircle me, as if I’m wearing him as a cloak. I am relaxed, warm, and feel incredibly safe. 339 more words

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