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A Portrait Completed

Two weeks ago I showed you a dog portrait in progress. At that time I was working on the underpainting for this portrait of Molly, a very lovely Newfoundland Mastiff. 258 more words

Animal Urges


This is a commission painting I recently did for a lovely lady. She has three rescued horses all with heart wrenching stories. The paint in this picture – Arrow – was a brumby who had been found with half a dozen arrows projecting from various parts of his body. 67 more words


This weekend my focus is on painting a commission.  I am concentrating on this whilst dealing with an ear worm, an expression which does make me squirm somewhat.   163 more words

Diane Young

More Lost Things - The Stopwatch

Just a few tiny details to add and my Barn Owl will be completed.

This is another image for my series of Lost Things (along with the Lost Pearl and the Golden Bell) and a continuing theme of gold leaf moons. 56 more words

Diane Young

Ibis in Gold

To compliment my recent Elephant in Red and Gold here is the Ibis. The Nile was central to Ancient Egyptian life and religion.  The Egyptians of old believed that souls of the dead were transported across the Nile to reach the afterlife in the presence of Thoth the god of knowledge, who was represented as the Ibis bird. 40 more words


In Situ 2

Here is my mythological Sedna paintings for sale and available to view at Studio No 71, Fore Street in Totnes !

Diane Young

In Situ

Watch out Mousie for the toaster!  It is nice to see my work hanging in its new home.  This Mousie print has made its way to Cheltenham.

Diane Young