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Beautiful Bald Eagle

There, in front of me
A beautiful bald eagle
So very close by.
~ Rich ~

Day 539



Occasionally we come across eastern cottontails on our walks. The first photo was taken in a wildlife garden. I startled the rabbit as he was eating, it looks like he was trying to hide behind the flower, not too successfully though. 48 more words


Take to the Wing

Take to the wing
Take to the sky
Take to the air
The eagle’s goodbye.
~ Rich ~

Day 538


The Lookout

The lookout watches
Views the world through eagle eyes
Sharp and detailed.
~ Rich ~

Day 537


Sleeping Chimp

Chimpanzee populations are threatened by a range of factors throughout Africa with habitat loss being a significant issue. Forests are being cut down for the timber, mining and farming industries and the resulting fragmentation of the forests results in chimpanzee families becoming isolated which can have dramatic impact on breeding and migration. 71 more words

This Land - My Land

This land is my land
From the distant blue mountains
To the salty sea.
~ Rich ~

Day 536


Spring Time!

It has been a few weeks since my last post, not for lack of inspiration, simply for lack of time,nothing intentional. For the past week or so however I have been feeling inspired by the delights of spring! 94 more words