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Meet Murray

I think it’s about time you all met someone. This is someone I hold very close to my heart.

My dog, Murray.

He’s a 5-year-old black Labrador that I love to bits and would do almost anything for. 155 more words


A truly lone wolf

I left Jasper early in the morning heading south along the Highway 93, enjoying the empty road given the time of day.  I had hopes of finding a bear or two along the forest’s edge during my drive through the park (and did sight a… 249 more words


A Different Kind Of Farm Report

Not all the reports of the animals among us are true. From nursery rhymes to the Farm Report there has been a lot of misunderstanding. Here are a few corrections about the animals, some in their own words. 274 more words



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Squirrel and chipmunk postures can be very amusing. This capture was one of my favorites because of the leaves. 37 more words


The Bumble:

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These guys are so docile that you can pet them if you want too. I like them around but my dad’s not so thrilled because they are carpenter bees and keep making holes in the pool fence. 9 more words