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Meerkats live in extended family groups with a strict hierarchy. Young meerkats have adult mentors that teach them survival skills like disarming scorpions by biting their tails off. 32 more words

Mr. Sam I Am

One of my loves!  Sweet Sam or Mr. Sam I Am.  I love how he sports his chest hair with pride.  I might have to start calling him my little man!


Visiting the Wild World of Monde Sauvage

Today, I visited the wild world of “Monde Sauvage”, a Safari park slash zoo. As one usually does I took a whole lot of pictures and I ended up liking a ton of them. 149 more words



The air was cool but the sun was nice and warm and the painted turtles were out in force. In this sheltered little bay every log was host to crowds of turtles. 37 more words


Ready to Fly

The wings are ready
Flight is only a moment away.

Day 572


Vision of Dignity

The splendid eagle
A vision of dignity
Deserving respect.
~ Rich ~


Just me here

I finally saw a kingfisher!