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Close up photo of a big crab

Close up photo of a big crab. It looks a bit like an alien from another planet, they also seem to be very tasty. A beautiful crab wallpaper for Windows, Mac OS or your tablet. 53 more words

Big brown bear climbing a tree

Beautiful animal wallpaper of a big brown bear climbing a old tree. A bear is a good climber, despite its weight. Feel free to share it with your friend on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. 48 more words

Photo of a deer and wildfire

Photo of a deer with a wildfire in the background. Soon he is going to run for his life. Beautiful wallpaper of a animal in distress wite a huge fire in the background. 51 more words

Crocodile with frog on his snout

Close up photo of a crocodile with a frog on his snout. A beautiful animal wallpaper with a crocodile in the water with his mouth wide open. 59 more words

Picture of cuddling lions in the wild

Beautiful picture of two cuddling lions, he is showing his love for her. A wallpaper with a male and female lion in the wild. If you love animels. 57 more words

Bear fishing in a fast flowing river

Desktop wallpaper with a fishing bear in a fast flowing river. Beaufitul photo of a bear trying to get some fish out of the river. A bear is a good fisherman, so who knows he will catch some fish. 50 more words

Beautiful photo of a white dove

Beautiful photo of a white dove flying high in the sky with the sunlight breaking through the clouds. A white dove stands for peace. Please share this bird wallpaper if you like doves. 49 more words