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The Black Box: "Animal Practice"

Television pilots are tough to make. It’s hard to introduce the concept and entire cast of characters of a show in one episode and still have that episode hold up on it’s own. 859 more words

Black Box

Au tour des amateurs de proposer leur série (20 minutes)

NBC fait appel à des téléspectateurs inspirés pour lancer sa prochaine comédie. Coup de com ou manque d’inspiration?

Le 1er mai, les scénaristes amateurs pourront envoyer leurs plus belles idées de série comique à NBC. 65 more words

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Best Episode of the Season: Animal Practice Season 1*

(*-First and Only Season!)

Season Analysis: Animal Practice was never as stupid as it looked.  It was a perfectly pleasant, middle-of-the-road comedy that was actually surprisingly light on the wackiness.  271 more words


Animal Practice Cancelled By NBC

Wow I feel slow about this piece of news. Animal Practice has been cancelled due to low ratings. 9 episodes were made (6 episodes aired on TV and the last 3 can be viewed on Hulu or NBC.com). 52 more words

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Television Roundup: Week 1

In this weekly series, I will be following/summarizing a number of the 2012-2013 season’s new television shows. Note: I have not watched a single episode of any of these shows, so my summaries will be based off of the promo for the next episode, and my loose (and sometimes non-existent) knowledge of the original premise of the show. 1,237 more words


Not Watching Update - Show's that I'm Out On

Just a brief update on show’s I’ve bailed on during the course of the season and why.  I’m sure there will be more as new shows come out and suck. 321 more words


Guys With Kids Hanging In

Today, NBC announced that it would order four more episodes of the freshman comedy, Guys With Kids. 171 more words

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