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Living for the Weekend Cheese: Finn

Following on from last week’s heart attack butter cheese, aka Caboc, I present Finn.

Round and soft and just waiting to ooze lazily around your arteries, … 182 more words

Artisan Cheese

Animal Rennet in Cheese

Is Cheese Halal or Haram?

Islamic Principle about Cheese by Mufti Muhammad Shafi R.A.

Cheese made from milk contains an ingredient called infaha (إنفحة) in Arabic and rennet in English. 21 more words


Fine Vacherin is Available Again

“There is a cheese produced with such high regard for tradition that it is only available from September to April. Welcome to the unique world of Vacherin Mont d’Or.”

690 more words

Cheese 101: Vegetarian Diets & Cheese

In my two years of working in the Vineyard Market, I’ve come across many customers who keep to a vegetarian diet, yet want to venture into artisanal cheese land.  298 more words

Cheese 101


Rennet. A complex of enzymes produced in any mammal’s stomach. Extracted from slaughtered, young, unweaned calves. (Thanks wikipedia.)

I think I had heard about this before, or at least I was familiar with the word, but apparently I hadn’t done my research enough. 601 more words


Catering for all tastes

Having a party? Entertaining at work?

Does vegetarian food even cross your mind?

It should do because nine times out of ten, the vegetarian food always seems to disappear the fastest. 1,335 more words

Animal Rights

When is Vegetarian food not Vegetarian?

…the answer is most likely to be when you haven’t prepared it yourself.

I was reading this article today in the Guardian regarding how by 2015 “Vegetarian” and “Vegan” are set to be legally enforced terms that if used incorrectly on restaurant menus the establishment can be penalised. 337 more words