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Blood in the Water

Taiji is a small fishing town in Japan. It is a beautiful place; so beautiful you would never guess it is the home to the largest dolphin slaughter in the world. 794 more words


The Test of Patience and Perseverance

via Daily Prompt: Test

The word “test” can be thought of in so many contexts. Here are my thoughts on test as I feel they relate to my current journey. 451 more words


Be a conscientious consumer

Another way to help out animals is to be more aware of what you are purchasing.

An obvious way to help animals with what you purchase is to not purchase leather goods. 562 more words


Luca Chiara

Luca Chiara is a New York based company that sells ‘Un-Leather’ Vegan and Cruelty free accessories. Today I’m going to tell you all about them because this is a company you should know about!   574 more words

Cruelty Free.

Blurring The Definition Of Veganism

It’s very common for people to get defensive when presented with the truth about what we do to animals. They say that sort of thing doesn’t happen in their country, that they only buy from small family farms where the animals are treated well, that activists only release the most extreme footage. 292 more words


PETA Is Going After Hallmark for Its Chimpanzee Greetings Cards

PETA is going after Hallmark for selling cards that it says are harmful to primates.

The animal rights organization has sent a letter to the greeting card maker requesting that it stop selling cards that feature chimpanzees, especially those in which the animals are dressed up in costumes and wigs. 212 more words