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Making the connection: Veganism/vegetarianism and what it means for equality

We all read about the shooting of Cecil, the ‘most famous lion in Africa’. Most of us were disgusted. In fact, we were all so outraged we took to Twitter and Facebook to angrily vocalise our disgust. 726 more words


Chill Out PETA

PETA is at it again. They take a story that I’d probably agree with them about, and take it over the top.

Here’s what I mean… 314 more words


Why Can't You Be Upset Over Both?

Why is some pro-lifers and vegans against each other? People in my friend circle on Facebook posted about the fact that everyone is upset over the death of the lion and not of unborn babies that are killed by abortion. 157 more words

Raggy trousers part dos

Such a dilemma.

Animals or people. Animal rights, people rights. Dead lions, dead elephants, well just dead animals really.

What to write about?

Jo posted a nice one about it all and the hypocrisy surrounding okay to kill these animals and eat them, but not other animals. 501 more words


The value of life.

Ok. I’ve got to step on my soapbox. This is a bit wordy and still doesn’t say all I’m thinking.

Since when did the value of an animal supersede that of a human? 888 more words

My Soapbox

Om Lion Cecil

My Cat—

its beauty, its ease, its power and natural

place in the order of all living things—

is like I would be

if I simply learned to just… 27 more words


Lions, Babies, and Race...Oh, My...God.

When I was in elementary school (shout out to my fellow Clay City Elementary classmates and teachers), I was introduced to the world of Narnia. Our teacher read… 2,073 more words