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Human beings raised in plastic bags?

An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next https://t.co/nDuI2yyKsw

— Earthpages.org (@earthpages) April 26, 2017

It’s hard to imagine the psychological impact if this extends to human beings.

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Quiet boys in a quiet lane

Chapter 7 continues (For the first 6 chapters click here 🙂 )


The lane was quiet, the boys were quieter, until Luke noticed something.  As they approached the stile that led to the meadow that was crossed by the stream that was bridged by the bridge on which the boys had planned to play Pooh sticks, Luke saw a sheep. 565 more words


Spaying and Neutering: The Murder of Natural Instinct

Watch the video below, it shows a Superior life form, a Superior species, enslaved and imprisoned by humans for their amusement and use as Poison Containers, being subjected to genital  403 more words


Chris Pratt Explains Why Marvel's Movie Franchises Are Better Than DC's: 'They Grew It Really Slowly So It's Strong'

As a fan of comic book-derived movie franchises (and let’s not forget, star of one), Chris Pratt says he enjoys the big-screen exploits of both Marvel and DC superheroes. 273 more words


It all started with a veggie burger...

It may seem silly that a change to an entire lifestyle would start with a soy based patty that’s been around and available for years, but that’s what changed my perspective.   680 more words

Animal Rights

Public functions to go vegan? PETA urges Modi to ban meat at govt meetings

Letter said Germany’s ministry went meat-free because meat production contributors to climate change


#LATEST| Animal rights organisation PETA India on Monday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take meat off the menu from all government events, taking a cue from the German Environment Minister’s initiative to ban all meat products from public meetings. 602 more words

Dehli cattle traders assaulted by "cow vigilantes"

Two days ago three men involved in cattle trading in Dehli, India state they were assaulted by a lynch mob claiming to be animal welfare activists… 305 more words