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Veganism and Ethics/Health: Dairy

I was watching the Disney Channel today (don’t judge I’m 22 and my favorite show is Liv and Maddie) and a commercial about drinking milk for protein came up. 512 more words

Our Dogs May Get First Crack At Cancer Drugs That Aren't Yet Approved For Humans

It’s not without some ethical issues, but on the whole, this seems like great news:

In a meeting sponsored by the National Cancer Policy Forum of the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine in Washington, D.C., Fan and 15 other experts in the field described the benefits of using pet dogs with naturally occurring (rather than laboratory-induced) tumors in early cancer drug trials.

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Animal Rights

Gary Yourofsky's Website

Gary’s Website

This has become one of my favourite websites at the moment. Gary is an absolute inspiration and writes amazing speeches and lectures. He is an animal rights vegan activist and on his website you will find many videos and articles that he wrote. 11 more words


Westbourne Students Seek End of Jumps Racing

Samuel Ord
Environment & Social Justice Reporter
YMCA Youth Press Gallery

A group of students from Westbourne Grammar School have submitted a Bill to the YMCA Youth Parliament calling for the criminalisation of jumps racing in Victoria. 381 more words

Youth Parliament

Fed by Water and full up with pizza!

What a treat to be able to go out and have not only a choice of vegan pizzas, but a choice of vegan pizzas WITH CHEESE! 337 more words


Why You Should Go Vegetarian

Please think of the animals and the reality of where the meat in your burger comes from and consider other alternatives.  I used to eat meat and, like a lot of people out there, thought it would be impossible to give it up, but it truly isn’t.   100 more words

Animal Rights