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Justice for a Cow: Ramalingam On Animal Rights (1)

Ramalingam’s radical and revolutionary ethic of compassion with its extraordinary emphasis on moral consideration for non-human living beings, including animals and plants, was expressed in a preliminary form in his early (1854) prose work on the legend of King Manu and his moral code (again, this is not the King Manu of Hindu mythology who was allegedly the creator of cruel caste divisions and codes which were the bane of Indian society) and developed in his mature, but incomplete essay on the Ethic of Compassion for Living Beings. 1,324 more words

Suddha Sanmargam

Wednesday Wanderings: Switzerland and Lobsters, Olympic Medal Tracker, 32 Gorgeous Photos of Nature, and Pets and Your Health

Switzerland is far and away the most progressive country as far as animal rights go. Beginning March 1, it will be illegal to kill lobsters by plunging them into boiling water, a popular method when cooking them. 489 more words

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'Jessica Jones' Continues To Battle Anger Issues In New Trailer Ahead Of Season 2

Netflix have treated fans to another new “Jessica Jones” trailer ahead of the second season premiere on March 8.

Actress Krysten Ritter is back for the upcoming season, which picks up where the first season and “The Defenders” left off. 185 more words


Wales plans to ban wild animals in circuses

Plans to ban the use of wild animals in circuses in Wales have been announced by the rural affairs secretary.

Lesley Griffiths, the Rural Affairs Secretary of Wales told… 162 more words

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Battery Hens: If this Doesn't Make You Go Vegan I don't Know What Will

“One robin caged and Heaven’s mad! But when to just that one you add vast flocks of battered battery birds and half starved calves in crated herds and multitudes of tethered sows in narrow stalls – these horrors rouse all Heaven to a rage so wild it’s former rage seems a wonderous mild.” 1,753 more words

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Best Documentaries: Project Nim

Project Nim (2011) is a documentary that chronicles the life of Nim, a chimp taken from his mother in infancy and “adopted” by humans as part of an experiment to see if a chimp can be taught language if raised under the same conditions as a human child. 110 more words