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Not all felines are meant to be house cats, so SPCA to the rescue with the barn cat program

Barn Cats represent a portion of the feline population that thrive in free-range, independent environments, rather than settling down in a typical home.

The Saskatoon SPCA recognizes the need to find these cats a home that suits them and therefore have implemented the barn cat adoption program. 136 more words

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what if we put children in zoos?

On Sunday I went to the children’s zoo in Battersea Park with my close friend. She suggested the idea and so naturally we went together. The park was quite small compared to the usual zoo, nevertheless it was a fun experience perfect for children. 495 more words

Vegan? And in China? WHY?

With substantive experience and expansive thought, rather than obstinate stubbornness (which are generally what my opinions usually attest to), I can now confidently claim that China makes veganism seem like the single-most difficult feat to ever present itself to mankind. 822 more words


Annoying Things That Happen When You’re Vegan

I love being vegan. I really really do. But there are things about being vegan that kind of suck sometimes. Lets dive right in shall we? 931 more words


Elephant Riding: The Facts

Published by Elephantstay · November 21, 2014 at 1:22pm

The Asian Elephant in Thailand is a critically endangered species, facing a very high risk of extinction. 1,497 more words


Support Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day June 14th

Watch the following videos if you are unaware of the cruelty of the live export trade and please take as much of the following actions as you can, most require only adding your name to a petition. 1,830 more words

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Sea World visitors down by half a million

A 14 percent drop at Sea World San Diego which is over half a million visitors has occurred since 2017.

This loss off visitors has seen a huge drop in profits with Sea World losing $175 million dollars in the second quarter of last year. 114 more words