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Jeff Corwin Speaks Out on Harambe's Death - "Zoo's Aren't Your Babysitters"

Here’s beautiful Harambe when he first entered his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, which turned out to be fatal for him :(   R.I.P

May 30, 2016… 370 more words


STOP everything you're doing with your tofu ASAP

This. post. is. URGENT!

The reason for its urgency? It’s because I recently (as in like 8 months ago, but still, recently) found a new way to prepare my tofu, and I am NEVER going back. 1,110 more words

Conveniently Vegan

Gorilla Dead

I’m so confused. This killing of Harambe is really wigging me out. It seems like everyone wants someone to blame. Someone to hate. Who did this? 550 more words

PETA calls for child's death in Cincinnati Zoo case

A three year old boy was able to crawl through railing of a gorilla courtyard at the Cincinnati Zoo. The boy fell into the moat and was discovered by a 17 year old, 400-pound male lowland gorilla named Harambe. 289 more words

Why I choose life

I choose life for every living being.

I choose life for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

I choose life for the unheard cries behind locked doors. 623 more words


A lesson to be learned from a gorilla and 4 year old boy...

In the last 2 days a conversation has engulfed my home state and the local region where I live in the aftermath of a tragic scene at The Cincinatti Zoo… 762 more words

Life's Classroom...

All Vegans Are...Insert Generalization Here

With this whole ape getting shot and killed because a child managed to get into the cage thing there are two different very loud opinions out there. 288 more words