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How to assist unknown pets

Would you please do a favour on behalf of everyone who doesn’t know where loved-ones are?  Many don’t know what to do if they see an unknown cat and it doesn’t occur to some people that there is something they ought to do. 1,325 more words

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CA "puppy mill" ban would give monopoly to rescue organizations, shelters

The animal rights movement and their proposals are a gift that keeps on giving in terms of demonstrating not only their hatred of humans but how they ultimately want to be the ones who benefit from their ideas. 599 more words

Animal Rights

The struggle for rights' does not end at humans

What does it mean. The concept of animal rights is based on the idea that some or all non-human animals have a right to live their own lives and to e viewed as persons rather than property. 487 more words

Animal Rights

Pakistani Turtle Meat for the Chinese

The Sindh Wildlife Department (SWD) on September 19, 2017 recovered a consignment of turtle meat which was scheduled to be smuggled to Hong Kong via Pakistan postal service. 365 more words

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The Problem With Jane Goodall's "Expert" Opinion

On September 7, 2017, Dr. Jane Goodall wrote a scathing letter to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Commissioner of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) denouncing what she called the “cruel and unnecessary nicotine addiction experiments on monkeys” occurring there. 1,351 more words


Animal "rights" group pulls off heist to "free" chickens

It started off as an act of betrayal of trust. The Coloradan reports four people showed up at Long Shadow Farm in Berthoud, Colorado this week and asked an eight year old girl if they could hold some chickens. 297 more words

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Lentil Shepherd's Pie...Vegan Style!

How to make a Lentil Shepherd’s Pie… Vegan Style, yummy comfort food proving you don’t miss out by going plant-based! Kirsty Spraggon of KirstyTV, world famous motivational speaker, welcomes… 368 more words