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If You've Ever Lost A Pet You Have To Watch This!

This video is for every animal-lover out there. It celebrates the lessons our pets teach us with their lives and their passing. And it focuses on one *very important lesson* we can learn from our love for our pets. 6 more words

Animals For Food

One Year of Veganism. What Have I Learned?

  • It’s okay to make mistakes

And I made my fair share. It takes practice, but soon you will be skim reading labels like a pro. It’s okay to get half way through a pack of salt and vinegar pringles and realise that that’s the flavour that has milk powder in it. 916 more words

Going Vegan

Are you ignorant?

Chances are you would be offended if someone would ask you that to your face.

I would be too.

It’s somehow shameful to not know. It’s frowned upon. 640 more words


Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to correct some misinformation in Tori Feldman’s Feb. 1 opinion piece.

PETA is the world’s largest animal rights organization, and we work to stop cruelty everywhere—from shearing sheds in Australia, where sheep used for wool are kicked and punched, to Canadian ice floes, where baby seals are beaten to death for their fur. 381 more words


Why I became vegan.

February 8. Today is the eighth day since I made the decision to become vegan. I wanted to wait to document this until I was sure that I would wholeheartedly put all my efforts into becoming vegan and what they stand for.  496 more words

Amanda Gee

Hyper / Hyposensitivity

Good afternoon all you dreamers and creamers,

After another long mute I once again feel the need to write something off my chest. I would like to continue my series on why I think that giftedness can be much more of a burden than it is often perceived to be. 523 more words

IQ Dilemma

I Do Not Care

A shelter’s job is to shelter animals.

Animals have a right to live.

These two things trump all the excuses offered by killing apologists.

Therefore, I have zero fucks to give about the following: 416 more words

Animal Shelter

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