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Animal abuse affects not only the animal, but is a reflection of our society’s ignorance and disregard for the innocent we are charged with protecting. Animals are abused to perform for our entertainment, to become food for our dinner table, taught to kill each other and other animals for gambling and other illegal activity, brutally slaughtered for their fur to be worn as fashion, and breed without restriction or regulations then dumped at shelters to be euthanized. 2,948 more words

Animal Rights

Morrissey Congratulated Ireland, Then Ridiculed Them For Not Being Nice To Animals

It was inevitable. At some point in all the warmly positive hoopla regarding Ireland’s popular vote for same-sex marriage, someone with a public voice was going to sh*t all over it. 171 more words


Why Vegan, Why Now?!

Okay, so the big question here is “why?”. “Why vegan?”, “why bother?”, and the answer to that my friends isn’t simple because there are so many! 773 more words

Animal Rights

Review: Pizza Express Pianta Pizza

Pizza used to be my most favourite food. The combination of vegetables, spicy meats and that hot molten cheese was too much to resist. So imagine my delight when I saw that not only were Pizza Express bases were vegan friendly but they also had a special vegan pizza. 211 more words


When is an apple not vegan? When it's coated in insect bums!

Ok, so insect bums isn’t technically correct. However, shellac – secretions from the lac beetle – is used in products and foods which you would not imagine could be unsuitable for vegans. 438 more words