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Reasons to Vote Labour

“When Labour wins, the British people win. The nurse, the teacher, the small trader, the carer, the builder, the office worker win.”
“take our wealth back” 2,930 more words

Animal Rights

Human Meat Tray Demo

PALS activists recently joined forces for a crowd stopping human meat tray demo on Mill Avenue in Tempe.

This graphic demo is meant to draw attention to the fate of farmed animals by simulating the body parts people purchase at the store. 144 more words

Disillusioned in Middle America

For those that have messaged me, so sorry I haven’t written in the blog so much….it’s been kind of crazy with our country and the world in general right now, not to mention just trying to exist and be happy and just live. 1,162 more words

Proposed budget would hurt wild horses

(Photo: every week in the spring I do volunteer work with children and domesticated horses)

Wild horses are a symbol of the “Wild West”, often seen as emblematic of the American spirit.   137 more words

Animal Welfare

Not Right

Eating animals is an outdated survival skill from prehistoric times when humans lived in caves.

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Is It OK To Use Animal Byproducts?

It’s pretty clear why many people take issue with animals being slaughtered for food – since we don’t need meat to be healthy, it’s hard to find a moral justification for doing so. 551 more words


Six Things that Happened when I became a Pescatarian

About eight years ago I decided I would no longer eat meat. Overnight I cut out any sort of any poultry, beef, pork and ham. But I did not become a vegetarian – I became a pescatarian. 805 more words