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600 Animals Seized from Unlicensed NC Shelter

The state of NC has known for years that a private shelter in Hoke Co was being operated so far below minimum acceptable standards that… 275 more words

Animal Shelter Abuse

Another Video Rahm Emanuel Never Wanted You to See

Some of you may remember in spring of last year when it was reported that a Chicago ACC employee strangled a dog to death with a chokepole.   603 more words

Animal Shelter Abuse

Gloucester Co Pound: Vile and Not Random

When the Gloucester Co pound in NJ killed Moe, an owned microchipped cat upon impound in September, county spokeswoman Debra Sellitto defended the killing, stating that it “wasn’t a random decision.” 604 more words

Animal Shelter Abuse

Lincoln Co Pound Fined for Harming Pets, Pound Says Public Not Trustworthy

The NC Department of Agriculture has issued a civil penalty notice to Lincoln Co Animal Services:

The $7500 in penalties stem from an inspection by the state on October 27 subsequent to the receipt of a complaint about the pound. 576 more words

Animal Shelter Abuse

Nevada Pound Director Avoids Felony Charges, Enabled by Police Chief

As we are often chided by those opposed to hearing the truth about pet killing facilities, nobody wants to kill animals.  And this is true, with the exception of everybody who… 690 more words

Animal Shelter Abuse

Video Depicts Injured Dog Being Cruelly Treated by Pound Staff

On November 17 a Good Samaritan, George Duran, took a severely injured dog he found lying motionless in an intersection to the long troubled pound in Downey… 445 more words

Animal Shelter Abuse