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Going, Going, Gone Vegan

I’ve swallowed the red pill. Its effects have been swift.

The further I fall down this rabbit hole, the quicker I’m learning that it is indeed bottomless. 270 more words


Notes on the Two Falls Theodicy and the Problem of Animal Suffering

Abstract: How can there be a good God given the fact of, apparently, pointless animal suffering? That’s the problem of animal suffering, and while it’s a difficult question, I think there are some powerful and winsome explanatory tools available for Christians to soften the blow of that poignant objection. 1,426 more words

WCY Authors Tamira Thayne and Brandy Herr Offer Book Signings in October

The Who Chains You Publishing authors are getting out and about in the community, spreading the word about not only their book offerings, but also highlighting animal welfare issues and our responsibility to care for the animals with whom we share a planet. 448 more words

The Paw Project

By Genevieve Cottraux

There are 21 countries in which it is illegal to have your cat declawed:  England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Slovenia, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.  752 more words

Humane Politics

Do Animals Have Rights?

By I.J. Makan

My brother and I had never killed for food before, but it was our turn. It was a chicken, and we’d made a deal that I would hold it down while he decapitated it. 1,210 more words


Bye bye burger

This was my post-marathon meal two weeks ago. I cannot say it wasn’t delicious but I’m entering a new phase now, toward a more ethical, less cruel eating habits. 234 more words

Ding Ding! Adopting Adele is our First Book Available on Audiobook, and is Read by Tiffany Marz

Adopting Adele has been a smash hit—well, for Who Chains You of course! (Not in comparison to the big publishers, eh-hem…)

And, the book is also OUR FIRST TO HIT THE AUDIOBOOK MARKET… 339 more words

Animal Rescue