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Those who care are not alone!

If you care about the animals and value their lives and welfare, you’re not alone. Caring about animals has never been more popular in America. A study found that two thirds of Americans believe that an animal has a right to live free of suffering. 180 more words


Veganism is the solution to all of these critical global problems...

Animal suffering

Increasingly unimaginable suffering and unnecessary, unethical deaths of sentient (able to perceive and feel) beings…
Treated merely as commodities, 70 BILLION land animals are specifically bred, farmed and killed for ‘food’ every year. 677 more words

Animal Suffering: Faraway


They cannot tell us, can they? Their minds so alien, so faraway from ours; our ability to read body language, when hidden by cuddly fur, or feathers or scales, so rudimentary as to be laughable. 326 more words

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Why vegan?


I get asked this question a lot. Whenever I meet someone and they find out I am vegan, they ask why? (Interestingly enough, when I followed an omnivore’s diet, I was never asked why.) So, what do I answer? 365 more words


Rethinking Animals : The Problem

‘These cattle, beasts of prey, and wild creatures — all animals in fact — are our slaves. We are their masters. Some have rebelled and escaped.

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Animal Suffering

Petco's History of Condoning Animal Cruelty and Suffering

On May 31, 2015, an innocent Golden Retriever’s life was cruelly taken from him as a result of gross employee negligence at a Petco in Midlothian, Virginia. 2,592 more words

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