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The Trap of Over-Rescuing Animals: Saying 'No' When Your Heart Says Yes

Most in the animal rescue movement are here because they have a strong love for animals, and a desire to take action on their behalf—this action usually manifesting itself as fostering or adopting. 2,035 more words

Animal Rescue

New Children's Book Highlights a Rescue Rat's Search for a Home of Her Own

Meet Adele, a gorgeous little white rat who dreams of a home of her own. Yet every day in the shelter she’s passed over, met with looks of disgust from parents telling their children “it’s just a filthy rat.” 403 more words

Animal Rescue

Happy Easter

“…things do not bode well for the fate of the billions of creatures who should have the right to their lives and their place on this planet, a place with their own peace and justice, a place our species now is not decent enough to grant them.” 79 more words


Why Vegan

“We should go vegan to minimize the suffering and maximize the well-being of sentient beings.”

“It is a common myth that we need to eat other animals in order to be healthy. 13 more words


I’ve Seen You in the Meat Aisle | Animalista Untamed

Animalista Untamed shares a poem. WARNING: You won’t enjoy your hamburger today.

I’ve seen you in the meat aisle,
Seen you choosing who to eat, 25 more words