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Friendly Fire

A poem by Leeza Coleman

They love animals.

They believe in peace.

Eyelids at half mast;

hearts clenched,

minds in the fetal position

so they do not have to think, see, feel, know… 198 more words

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Breaking the Silence

A poem by guest contributor Heather Leughmyer

Breaking the Silence

Silence ensures that the meek are restrained
The harmless held captive, the innocent chained
A menacing friend to corruption and greed… 143 more words

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Our Authors & Their Animal Families: Laura Koerber and Willie, aka Sponge Face

This series of blog posts introduces you to the animal families of our authors here at Who Chains You Books. As a company dedicated to animals, animal lovers, and their stories and missions, we thought you’d like to meet some of our animal friends, too. 609 more words

Guy Rittger, Technology Coordinator, The Humane Party

Humane Party Volunteer Bio

Born in Los Angeles, California, but raised in Japan, Singapore and Thailand, Guy Rittger joined the Humane Party in January 2017, as the national technology coordinator, in response to an invitation from Humane Party 2016 Presidential candidate Clifton Roberts, who encountered Guy’s abolitionist vegan commentary in the Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management LinkedIn group. 227 more words

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United States Live Animal Trade

By James Videle

The Humane Party’s Economic Transition Team has completed its report on live animal trade in the United States.  The purpose of this report is to put together for the first time in one place the vast United States live animal trade industry data.  638 more words

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Her Secret

A poem by guest contributor Heather Leughmyer

Her Secret


In a crowded cage she sits
Ammonia chokes the air
Aside from all the feces
The wire floor is bare. 138 more words

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Animal Cruelty Inherent in Animal Dissection in Schools

By Genevieve Cottraux

Biological-supply company Bio Corporation was charged on December 29, 2017 with 25 counts of animal cruelty in its killing of animals it supplied for study and dissection.  777 more words

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