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India Bans Animal Testing

It has been confirmed by PETA that the Animal Welfare Division, of the Environment Ministry in India, has ordered the ban of animal testing on household products such as soaps and detergents. 53 more words


There are a series of large international brands still using animal testing on their products. This list includes an example of these brands that are currently being sold in Australia: 69 more words


The Body Shop Sugar Scrub

I love my Saturday shower ritual and last Saturday’s ritual included my new Body Shop sugar scrub.

I got this from my lovely sister as a gift around Christmas time and I’ve been slowly working through my massive hoard of beauty products! 145 more words

Bin the Butt

Every morning on the way to work I walk the smokers’ gauntlet – or perhaps more correctly, a gauntlet of smokers.  I don’t have anything against smokers, but I do take issue with the hundreds of cigarette butts that litter the ground. 482 more words


The New Pharisees

SNL’s Dana Carvey as The Church Lady

The Pharisees were a Jewish faction during the time of Christ. These guys were famous for reducing spirituality to a system of rules. 693 more words


Letter to my MP re companies who experiment on animals with no comeback

I wanted to see what the Labour Party stance is on animal cruelty, specifically testing on animals here and around the world.
It infuriates me when I see adverts for companies that test on animals be so cosy. 526 more words

Animal Ethics

Going cruelty-free!

Recently I have been looking into the brands that test makeup on animals after I found at that MAC does, and the list is so shocking. 597 more words