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Leave those puppies alone!

Did you know that BY LAW any new drug has to be tested on two different types of animals at least and one of those animals has to be larger than a rodent? 392 more words

Survey Says: Shoppers Prefer Cosmetics With Cruelty-Free, All Natural Labels

When it comes to what we slap on our faces, a new survey says we’ve got more than just beauty on our minds when choosing which cosmetics to buy: Turns out a love for plants, animals and all things natural is the guiding force when shoppers are making decisions in the beauty aisle. 221 more words

New report condemns the use of animals in research

I am one of more than a hundred and fifty academics, intellectuals, and writers who have backed a new report calling for the de-normalisation of animal experimentation. 193 more words

Animal Rights

BCI History- Animal Research

In 1969 researchers at the Department  of Physiology and Biophysics from Seattle, WA released their findings of EEG readings taken from a monkey. They showed that a monkey could control a robot arm though neural activity. 57 more words

Historical BCI

Vegan Beauty Products PART I

Howdy! You may notice I’ve changed the layout of my blog, and within the same day I’ve been nominated by ThymeforTofu for the Liebster Award… 445 more words


Cruelty Free

I consider myself quite an animal lover – I donate to animal charities, I sign petitions, I’m a veggie foodie (I’m planning on going vegan but after my uni exams, it would be too much stress at this point in my life because I don’t have time to do proper research about what I should be eating and I don’t want to “burn out” and end up as some people I’ve heard of that actually went back to eating meat because it was too difficult to stay on a vegan diet.) … 550 more words


Leading a 'Pukka' Life: Ayurveda, Animal Welfare and Tea

Up until about three days ago, I thought of Pukka as a brand of tea. And it is, of course, but to class it as just that is not enough. 505 more words

Animal Testing