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Urgent Petition: dump EPAs toxic waste


Paid for by the White Coat Waste Project, Inc., EIN 46-0856543 a. White Coat Waste Project is a 501(c)(3) bipartisan coalition of 400,000+ liberty-lovers and animal-lovers opposed to the government’s wasteful spending on animal experiments. 45 more words


Animals for testing!

Monika’s Blog “Tails Around The Ranch” has today focused on companies that still test their product development on animals. I was not surprised that so many companies still do that, even though there has been some negative publicity these past few years on such practices. 143 more words

German Shepherd

Victory! Hundreds of Animals Saved as Japan Ends Poisoning Test on Dogs

Victory! Hundreds of Animals Saved as Japan Ends Poisoning Test on Dogs
Jessica Sandler
Written by | April 18, 2018

After hearing from PETA scientists for the past three years, the Japanese government officially announced this week that it is saying “sayonara” to a gruesome pesticide test conducted on dogs. 260 more words

Animal Protection Law

3 Beauty Looks All Done with Cruelty-Free Makeup

Everyone in my entourage knows this: I LOVE animals. I almost cry every time I see a dog and if I cross paths with a cat, I will definitely bend down to pet it. 1,047 more words

Joëlle Paquette

Cats in the Lab

Uh, no, not this adorable assistance with human technology. We’re looking at animal testing today. Relax, it’s not as horrifying as you might think.

Leafing through old research papers can get really grisly when you read about some of the tests they performed on animals, including cats, to get their results. 1,290 more words

Let's talk about animal testing...

When I was around 16 I had to organise work experience in order to complete that phase of my education.  I knew I wanted to be a scientist and, like many teenagers, thought that ‘forensic investigator’ sounded like a job for me, full of fun, problem solving and gruesome intrigue.   3,234 more words

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