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THE documentary to watch: Maximum Tolerated Dose

WOOHOO it’s the weekend, which means it’s time to sit back and relax!!!

If the weather by you is anything like the weather by me, all you probably want to do is curl up under a blanket with some tea (and hopefully a furry friend!) and watch a movie. 521 more words

Conveniently Vegan

Animal Testing, Tattoos, and Rape Culture

  1. Animal Testing
    1. Why aren’t all makeup companies in the United States cruelty free?
      1. Now, I do have some education on this topic but I would love to research this further.
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Cruelty-Free Body Shop Haul

You may have seen my post a little while back about the beauty products I use and how all but one of the brands I use test on animals. 226 more words

Support Legislation to End Cosmetics Testing on Animals

Animals in the U.S. are still enduring painful and often deadly experiments to test cosmetics like lipstick, deodorant and cologne. The Humane Cosmetics Act (H.R. 2858), sponsored by U.S. 236 more words


Cosmetics and personal care- Guiltless shopping list

Cosmetics & personal care: 

Methods of testing cosmetics on animals include many different tests that are categorized differently based on which areas the cosmetics will be used for. 459 more words

The New Cover Boy for Cover Girl ● Conflicting Emotions

We recently have seen the news of the new face representing the brand Cover Girl. James Charles. A male. We are in a different age now. 685 more words

animal stories

I heard a couple of stories around drug testing on animals:

1) in order to ‘prove’ that smoking ‘marijuana’ was excessively more harmful than smoking tobacco..(NOT) they… 149 more words