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Ethical Beauty: Animal Testing and Going Cruelty Free

Like a lot of issues, I think the occurrence of animal testing is easily ignored because we cannot see it, and as they say, ignorance is bliss. 858 more words

Animal Testing

Call NOW to Save Dogs from Veteran's Administration Torture!

CALL TO ACTION: Call 804 675-5200 NOW to end torturous beagle experiments at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs! Thanks to your previous calls, taxpayer funded dog experiments were just shut down in LA! 34 more words


Testing of medicines on animals – Some facts for pill-poppers with a conscience

Writing about our four-legged friends often makes me feel a bit of a hypocrite.  Issues like animal testing and unethical farming really upset me.  But, as the international movement towards veganism and vegetarianism grows – I am still a meat eater (though I source it as consciously as possible – usually from… 460 more words

Is Animal Testing Really Necessary?

By Dhiren Sharma

Since 1876, human beings have experimented on our “lesser” friends – animals. What I seek to find out is whether it is necessary, or if the other options are potentially better. 630 more words


A Chapter Closes

I recently had a big change in my life. Baby Boy (BB) came and changed everything.  I was working for a high-powered company for a few years when I found out I was pregnant. 404 more words


Let's Talk Cruelty Free

I recently made the decision to go cruelty free in my makeup, skincare, hair care, etc. I wanted to take some time to discuss what led me to this decision, how I’m going about it, and what it means to be cruelty free, including resources available to help you figure everything out. 846 more words


Enough Is Enough. It's Time Consumers Stood Up To Animal Testing | Emily Lyons

It’s 2017, and where are we? Animal testing and cruelty cannot be defended on any rational, well-thought-out grounds (not that it ever could have been), but it’s still routinely done even in supposedly advanced countries. 15 more words

Animal Testing