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When are rats, mice, birds and fish protected by US federal laws?

There is sometimes confusion about how US law protects rats, mice and non-mammalian vertebrates such as birds and fish. Much of this confusion is rooted in the fact that the US… 1,243 more words


Shopping Guide: Cruelty-Free Personal Care Products

This shopping guide is going to be similar to the Cruelty-Free Drugstore Makeup Shopping Guide I posted a while back, except this one is all about brands that carry what I’m calling “personal care products.” These are items such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste – things that pretty much everyone uses and needs to buy on a regular basis. 456 more words


There is no "vegan diet"

You don’t “eat vegan”. You eat plant-based food. Veganism is a whole lifestyle, not just a choice of meals. I’m fed up with people calling themselves vegans because they eat plant foods. 92 more words

What's Wrong with Animal Testing?

I have been thinking a lot about animals that are used for experimentation and tested on. It makes me so upset to think about the millions of animals in cages that are scared for their lives. 224 more words

Do Vegans Have A Clue About Science?

Vegans: the epitome of the opinionated. Ironically, everyone else seems to have an opinion about them. Since social media has become the normal way for the current generation to express themselves, more and more vegans are taking to YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to push their compassionate agenda. 472 more words


I´m fed up with vegans and people buying Ecover thinking that they are great.

Here, some information:

Ecover TESTS on animals.

The people from http://www.ethicalconsumer.org… 1,253 more words