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My controversial views on animal rights...

Honestly I’m not sure where to start with this blog post, because I myself find it difficult to draw the lines with what I’m okay with and what I’m not and how I feel about things because the truth is, we do need to use animals for some things that we wouldn’t use humans for and it is okay to treat animals different from humans… but it’s also really not. 635 more words

Being Vegetarian

Science Magazine: Q&A: Should all animal experiments be listed in a public registry?

From Science Magazine: Q&A: Should all animal experiments be listed in a public registry? “Animal research has a publication problem. About half of all animal experiments in academic labs, including those testing for cancer and heart drugs, are never published in scientific journals, and those that are have been notoriously hard to replicate. 65 more words

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Vegan Lifestyle | Cruelty-free Brands And Testing Parent Companies

Every so often, the question of whether or not it is ethically acceptable to buy from cruelty-free brands who are owned by parent companies who test on animals comes up in the community, causing a little chatter as we all try to define and articulate our views on the subject. 1,378 more words

Too Faced isn't cruelty free?

So I am not sure if this is very well known yet but Estée Lauder have recently bought out Too Faced.

Estée Lauder are a brand that sell in China and due to laws there, they have to test on animals to be a part of the Chinese market. 212 more words

5 ways to be a cruelty-free consumer

While I was home over the weekend visiting my family, I discovered my sister was using beauty products that are not cruelty-free.

But before I scolded her for using products I so openly oppose, I thought back to my high school years when I got really in to skin care and cosmetics. 88 more words

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Walking the Beaches - Costly Detours

To our left we could see a complex of low buildings.  Our track fortunately dropped into the woods before reaching them and we were back near the sea on the clifftops.  1,018 more words