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The UK Debates If New Curbs on Animal Testing Would Harm Research

As the May 7 general election nears in the United Kingdom, anti-animal testing activists are trying to use it to build support for far-reaching new curbs. 478 more words

looking good

Delving deeper into this vegan enquiry, thoughts seem naturally to turn to items other than food that I buy or have bought courtesy of the life and service of a non-human animal. 463 more words


Making the move to become 100% cruelty-free

Back several years ago when I first went vegetarian, I figured as long as I no longer ate meat or seafood, I was set. I was helping all those poor animals by not consuming them and that was that. 667 more words


This "Liver On A Chip" Lets Researchers Forgo Animal Testing

To test a potential cure for hepatitis B, Benitec Biopharma Ltd. could have infected as many as 50 chimpanzees with the liver disease, then given them the drug and watched what happened.

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Contacting companies

I often find myself struggling with how to properly contact companies about their stance on being cruelty free and vegan. Firstly, there is a difference between being cruelty free and vegan, and secondly, there are tons of loopholes that allow companies to promote those labels without being one hundred percent honest. 257 more words

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Cruelty in the name of beauty!

In laboratories across the world, small, innocent creatures are being subjected to torture. Chemicals are squirted into rabbits’ eyes, while mice are force-fed poisonous substances – all in the supposed interest of ‘safety’. 190 more words

Animal Welfare

Cruelty-Free Makeup Movement

By Brianna Generose, Staff Writer

When sophomore Amira Mahmoud walks into a store to shop for makeup, she takes special care to choose brands that state that they do not test on animals. 476 more words