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Making veganism a lifestyle

Once you’ve mastered the vegan cooking and eating part… It’s time to keep growing your vegan lifestyle. Being a vegan is much more than just not eating animal products in the hopes to bring an end to animal agriculture, but eliminate all traces of animal products from you life. 412 more words

Bioprinting Could End Animal Tests

Organovo a company in California, is developing a bioprinting technique with the hope of someday eradicating all animal experiments. They hope to create human organs, using 3D printing. 430 more words

Animal Testing

26 Seconds

While I was living at home, I already had in an interest and the awareness of buying cruelty free products. It wasn’t until after I became vegetarian a few years later that I got into the wise habit of reading labels on products — shoes, clothing, handbags, food — EVERYTHING! 184 more words

Activism & Awareness

Investigation Time: Lola's Apothecary, Magnitone & Little Ondine

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday!

It’s time to put three companies under the microscope again and see if they’re cruelty-free and whether or not they have vegan options. 1,037 more words


Lab Work: A New Job Choice for Men

I get annoyed – although that is not quite the right word – when I hear men and their fembots talk about how prostitution and other rape-oriented work is really a fantastic work option for women. 685 more words


Essential Medical Research?

Most people think that animal experimentation is done because there is no other alternative, and it is necessary for human disease research. We aren’t told that most research is actually useless research, even by animal testing standards. 580 more words

Animal Issues