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Sorry, No Nooze Today

This is Good Friday, and our blog will observe it by not covering any of the nooze today. Hence the video of the baby iguana eating watercress. 128 more words


Mr. Nature: Flying Snakes

Jambo, everybody, Mr. Nature here. And today we’re off in search of flying snakes.

Once upon a time, people believed that Arabia bred flying snakes which would sometimes migrate to populated areas and become a deadly plague. 82 more words


Whole Lotta Chasin' Goin' On!

The only reason this video is here is because my brain is wrung out after typing up a 2,000-word book review for Chalcedon, and it needs a nice massage. 43 more words


Baby Goats in High Spirits

You’ve gotta love baby goats. Their motto is “Never walk when you can hop, skip, and jump!”

I have no idea what grown-up goats are like. 18 more words