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'Evolution'--of Chameleons?

This video shows all of the chameleon’s highly-specialized assets at work.

Lots of mammals have prehensile tails, but chameleons are the only lizards that have them. 201 more words


Three Cheers for Chameleons

Ever since the really hot weather started, we’ve been annoyed by flies.

The very thought of a chameleon is a morale-booster. These guys never miss! I know because I had chameleons many years ago and they were super-deadly to any flying or crawling or hopping insect. 15 more words


Cuscus and Baby

Somewhere in the treetops in the jungles of New Guinea, a momma cuscus grooms her rather hefty child–that’s the big white thing scrunched up in her lap. 61 more words


Quokkas' Home Movies

I’m beginning to fear that maybe this quokka stuff is getting out of hand; but then I’m getting killed with allergies today, so what do I know? 37 more words


Our Wonderful Pets

Really, what would we do without them? Well, okay, we probably could do without the fox that snatches your wallet and runs away with it. But look at the bulldog cuddling with his daddy–what more could you ask? 13 more words