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DeadVideo, NewLife Animations by Proudnothing

Graves of animations past. Compiled into a visual experience.

Dank Words: 0:14
Drank Memes: 1:02
Harambe: The Last Dance: 2:03
Pumpkin Spice Chemtrails: 3:07
Contrived Content R E A C T: … 153 more words


Critter Extravaganza

Wait a minute! How did that extremely naughty cockatiel get into what’s supposed to be a “Best Pets” video? Have a couple like him around, and your house will soon become an archaeological site. 7 more words


Old Town, bubbles and classic girls night in

Wandering around Old Town in the not so hot heat.

The scrub and bubble massage at the sulphur baths.

Face masks and funny animal videos instead of going out

Bush Babies!

Are these little characters adorable, or what? And what equipment! Great big eyes, great big ears, dexterous little hands, the agility of a monkey, and a lively curiosity betokening a keen intelligence–plus there’s a suggestion that they are maybe not of this earth. 25 more words


Instagram Simulator! Animation by Proudnothing

Don’t have an Instagram account? DON’T YOU WORRY! Here’s a simulation video of everything you’re missing out on the wonderful SOCIAL MEDIA GIANT: Instagram. This video was made a few years ago, think I need to do an update, cause things have only gotten worse XD. 88 more words


Magic Moments

Our day today got off to a bad start with an illness scare, plus an invasion of flies, but by and by it settled down and we didn’t have to rush to the emergency room. 49 more words