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More Baby Rhino

Such a lively little fellow! And he does seem to enjoy the company of humans. Who knew?

True, we don’t see Momma Rhino frolicking and cutting capers. 44 more words

Smart Donkeys

How about something nice, for a change? Yeah, let’s do that.

There’s a fence between these donkeys and where they want to go. They study the situation. 26 more words

A Rompin' Rhino

You don’t generally think of a rhinoceros frolicking–but hey, babies are babies. This little guy is playing with his zookeeper. His momma is just a few yards away–a situation which, in the wild, might be fraught with danger for the keeper. 41 more words

Baby Quokka Grows Too Big for Pouch

(Okay, Byron, this had better be good! I passed up a really cute baby rhino video for it.)

After about three months, things get exciting for a baby quokka and his mother: he’s growing too big for the pouch, and he needs to be weaned off milk and onto real food. 27 more words

Git Along, Little... Doggies?

What’s with this goofy dog? Does she expect the cow to chase her? Is she learning how to be a sheepdog? (Heck, if a pig can do it, any dog can!) 48 more words