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Git Along, Little... Doggies?

What’s with this goofy dog? Does she expect the cow to chase her? Is she learning how to be a sheepdog? (Heck, if a pig can do it, any dog can!) 48 more words

Flying Frogs

Jambo! Mr. Nature here–and let’s go on safari to the South American rain forest and see the flying frogs.

These tree frogs live in the treetops and have the ability to use the webbing in their hands and feet as a kind of parachute, which allows them to make death-defying leaps and not get hurt. 85 more words

Meet the Aye-Aye

For the sake of presenting to you a really cool animal that you may not have heard of, and almost surely haven’t seen, I have endured a truly asinine narration by some guy who stopped developing halfway through high school. 30 more words

Animals that Love Us Back

I couldn’t resist this video, and you won’t be able to, either. C’mon, really–even fish? Yep, even fish.

We wind up doing all sorts of things for our animals, because we love them, we can’t help it. 18 more words

Saturday Giggle

Things boredom from Sheltering in Place can cause:

We’re hoping Xena and Lucy don’t pick up any peculiar behaviors from “Sheltering in Place.”

Dog Blog

{Clever Headline Wanted}

Most animals don’t get their reflections in a mirror. They’re also confused by stuffed facsimiles of animals. Even parrots get fooled. And this video also features a koala. 65 more words