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Equine Strangle

Equine Strangles is an extremely infectious disease and is caused by bacteria.

To prevent this, all horses should be vaccinated. If the correct preventative procedures are carried out then the horse will be at a lesser risk of contracting diseases in general, not only strangles.

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A Completely Useless Guide To Raising Your Fosters.

Being a foster carer is hard work. Whether it’s kitties, dogs or succulents, there are many challenges carers have to face. Here are some of my tips (with adorable pictures) for how to look after your temporary furbabies and prepare them for their forever home. 144 more words

Animal Welfare

Reason No 19: Killing Things?

Don’t name your steak.  But you’ve got to live, right?

I used to hate (meat) farmers, because they’re heartless.  It comes with the territory.  The guy we bought this place off used to lease a paddock to a farmer who ‘grew’ calves for veal. 380 more words