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Animal Welfare & Conservation

This week I made the decision to begin volunteer work alongside my local Red Squirrel Action Group, a choice that will undoubtedly result in me undertaking lethal control of Grey Squirrels in my local area, a place where reds thankfully still persist. 1,646 more words


WinterFest 2015, Leeds

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Yorkshire. Fairy lights are out in all their glory and we’ve already experienced the first frost. 1,156 more words

Eco Warrior

'Tis the season . . . & other musings (& some shameless marketing)

I have always loved the holiday season. First there’s Thanksgiving, and its opportunity to reflect on blessings and share a meal with those I love. Whether it’s a big extended family gathering as in years part, or as it is now, just Benny and me and the pets, it’s a special time of the year (and one on which I personally refuse to do any shopping). 1,141 more words

My Mama Says

Mum says

they’re just jealous!

But it doesn’t

stop them

from treating me

like dirt

The teachers say

just stay away

which is easy

if I was invisible…

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Kait King Author

Rural round-up

Climate change: Call to recognise farmers’ efforts – Anders Crofoot:

The Paris climate change meeting represents an opportunity for the world to agree the terms for the next global effort to reduce emissions. 614 more words


Alleviating animal suffering: A conversation with Lewis Bullard

Assume, for a moment, that we want to prevent the suffering of the 9 billion animals raised every year for meat in the US. What should we do? 1,012 more words


Aberrant and abhorrent

Cows like all other mammals have to deliver a baby before they start lactating.

If animals are farmed to produce milk their offspring, be they calves, lambs or kids, are a by-product. 888 more words