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Texas Petitions: Need Signatures

Today is one of those days where I would just like to share petitions with our readers. These petitions need your signatures in order to be delivered to the petitionee. 109 more words


Free Tiger With Terminal Cancer Imprisoned For College’s Football Games

A tiger diagnosed with cancer is being kept in a cage and used as a mascot at football games. Demand this animal be released to a sanctuary, and stop the use of live animals as mascots. 14 more words


Big Meat, We're Making You History!

Some interesting facts on the United States’s meat trade put together by Animalista Untamed:

Good news about food keeps coming from America thick and fast. And what’s happening there soon travels across the pond and takes root in Europe too. 16 more words

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World's most famous stray dog Arthur comes to Britain

The world’s most famous former stray dog, Arthur, is visiting Britain this week – and his owner is inviting anyone who wants to take a selfie to come along.[…] 16 more words

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Shelter 2 ; [Gaming]

Let’s just jump right into it, I have never seen a more beautifully done very basic game, with minimal story, and a simple little idea: circle of life.

455 more words

Hot Weather Pet Safety Tips

As warmer days approach (hello, summer!) we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of some pet safety tips during hot and humid days. While you may feel comfortable in the heat, your animal likely is not. 683 more words

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15 Animal Myths That Are Absolutely False!

With thanks to Care2

Did you know these? I only knew a couple of them. Live and learn, eh?

From lobsters’ love lives to the eating habits of bats, cats and rats, prepare to have your mind blown. 1,123 more words

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Some fun facts thanks to Animalista Untamed: