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Shosho and Simba's Story

A good Samaritan called Kevin contacted us at the end of March 2017. Every day he goes for his morning walk around his neighbourhood in Mwimuto (Nairobi, Kenya) and since this is a more rural part of Nairobi, he meets a lot of free-roaming dogs on his way. 292 more words


Vote Cruelty Free

Force-fed. Poisoned. Left to die.

Just imagine, for a moment, the awful reality of life for animals languishing in Britain’s laboratories. The pain; the suffering; and, surely, the wish that it would just stop now. 76 more words

Animal Rights

General Election 2017: Make animals matter

Via Humane Society International

With the General Election fast-approaching, now’s your chance to help ensure that the laws that protect animals are not weakened, repealed or replaced but that protections are instead strengthened and extended. 161 more words

Petitions - Please Sign And Share

Do cats cook in the wild?

Vets warn raw meat diet could harm pets’ health.

This begs the question: do cats and other pets cook their meat in the wild?

Animal Welfare

Who submerged the tortoise!?

During my time in India I came to the conclusion that I was cursed when it came to surgery…. Every time I picked up a scalpel, nothing went smoothly, thankfully not due to my surgical skill I might add! 1,403 more words

Vet Student

“A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal…” There are many lessons to pick from the Bible and animal welfare is one them. 330 more words