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Seriously...I Mean it...Retractable Leashes should be BANNED

WARNING:  This is a RANT post!  Proceed with caution!  But do not hesitate to comment for constructive conversation/debate.

I cannot stress just how much I abhor the retractable leash. 265 more words

Animal Wise: The green-eyed monster

A University of California study gives scientific credence to what people who share their lives with dogs have known all along: Dogs get jealous.

The 2014 study by Christine R. 696 more words


Animal Wise: Essential oil safety

When a journalist friend shared a Snopes Fact Check piece about essential oils being potentially poisonous to cats, I took notice.

Snopes is generally good at sifting out scams and misinformation, and I already knew cats are much more sensitive than other animals to essential oils. 326 more words


Animal Wise: Eclipse energy

My sixth-grade teacher at Mary Evelyn Castle Elementary School, Ms. Libby Stanton, told us a solar eclipse was coming up on Feb. 26, 1979. We wouldn’t see it as much in Indianapolis as the Pacific Northwest, but it was still pretty cool.  581 more words