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The Calm After The Storm


So this week has been overall a good week.

I got back from Florida on Sunday and started unpacking my stuff from the trip and moving out of the dorm on Monday and Tuesday. 296 more words


Virgil "Big Jump" Jackson (Mortician and Casket Maker)

Medium: Gouache

Here is Virgil “Big Jump” Jackson, a turkey vulture mortician and casket maker from the old west. I originally thought that being a bartender would be a good occupation for him, because it is bad form to shoot the bartender, and he would get to clean up after a shootout. 170 more words

Hear Me Out

In the divine fairytale,
JC is the knight in shining
armor — in fact he rides
in on a white horse, doesn’t he?
Plus he overcomes tests… 59 more words


Cat that loves the mosque.

A picture of a cat that loves to go to the mosque. It persistently enters the mosque after the call to prayer and here it is listening to the jumah (Friday) khutbah (sermon). 54 more words


Possum Screamfest

This is a video I took of some brushtail possums who live in my laundry. You will see a mother possum called Chloe and her joey, and there is also a smaller joey who was in the possum box on its own. 129 more words


Brother Bear (2003)

Written by: Tab Murphy, Lorne Cameron, David Hoselton, Steve Bencich, and Ron J. Friedman. Directed by: Aaron Blaise and Robert Walker.

Disney is often described as having a renaissance. 643 more words

Video Store Finds (Older Films)