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Common Palm Civet

Common palm civets produce a sweet-smelling musk that humans use as perfume and to treat scabies.

One of the earliest uses that humans have used common palm civets for was their sweet-smelling musk.

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The slowest.

Tortoise has always felt left out.

She sees everyone zoom past her.

Hare is always the worst.

Always gloating over her.

Always glossing over her. 31 more words


I Like Peanuts

Here’s one from the critter cam! A black morph Grey Squirrel! She is a daily visitor to our feeders where we always make sure that there’s some peanuts out for her. 37 more words


Cow Goddess

This pretty cow goddess is considered the “cow of plenty”…she can grant all your wishes and help you acquire whatever you seek. She is Kamadhenu – the cow goddess of the Hindus. 🙃


Introducing Our New Pet, Holly the Hedgehog!

Happy Tuesday friends!

The GGR family officially has a new mascot; our new Pinto hedgehog Holly. She is 3 months old, and is way more fun than I would have imagined a tiny little bush-bacon could be. 872 more words


Eighteen thousand steps

… which is enough for a person of a certain age, especially when quite a few of them were up hill (and equally painfully, down hill) even with some youthful assistance in the traction department. 49 more words

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