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Caturday: Like Bread -Noel Will Rise

Peanut says that Noel is like a loaf of bread rising in her box. I am not always happy that I have to give up a major part of my kitchen table to her. 150 more words


Showing Her Expression

Aperture  - 2.8
Shutter   - 1/100
ISO       - 640
Exposure  - -1.7

It was the time when my family and I went to visit Belawai town that I took the photo of this stray cat. 147 more words


A Cow Spends About 10-12 Hours Sleeping Every Day

Also, cow tipping is a myth. It would take almost 2’910 Newtons of force to push one over. 9 more words


Night #20: Slaughter High (1986) — Is This Thing On?

“Ever try it under the shower before?” So what have we today? Well, it’s back to slasher-town (for some reason) with the largely and perhaps rightly forgotten, SLASHER HIGH.

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Day 17 Creep — Films With Trix

A cameraman meets up with a guy for an odd assignment. He thinks he’s recording his life for his son as he’s dying of cancer but there’s something else going on.

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Day 18 1922 — Films With Trix

A Stephen King novella adaptation, the film tells the tragic story of a man who just wanted to stay living on his land tending the crops and teaching his son how to farm.

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