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Oriental Honey Buzzard or Crested honey buzzard on HDB

A raptor in my neighbourhood! That was rare moment. The nearest coastal area was few km away I think it’s searching for more food out of its zone.

Pattern: Maneki-Neko Amigurumi

A 4″ tall amigurumi of a maneki-neko or beckoning cat.

The pattern is available on Ravelry and on Etsy.

I don’t really know what to say because I already made a post for this pattern on my old blog, but that’s going to be irrelevant soon so here’s a brief summary: 151 more words


Monochrome Monday: Croc Teeth

As frightening as the Jaguar or the Puma, the Croc spikes my fear. It’s a combination of always showing the wicked teeth and knowing it attacks in murky waters, silently, stealthily, deadly. 36 more words


Fastest Land Animals on Earth, with Weak Immune System

Would you believe me if I said an animal in the wild actually had a low immune system?  It doesn’t make much sense since animals in the wild are near so many diseases and attract sickness constantly.  341 more words


Animal Crossing's World Is A Trip

(Source: kotaku.com)


The way later Animal Crossing titles have scrolled make it appear to the player that the game world is round. Zoom the camera out past the confines of a DS/3DS/TV screen, though, and the world is not so much round as it is a giant, habitable roll of toilet paper. 67 more words