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Nostalgic Photos

I found the following photos that were taken several months ago when Romeo was still here.


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Hard Work

Yesterday was a busy day for several of the cats. GT, for example, took a trip down to the vet to find out if he could stop wearing the Cone o’ Shame. 204 more words


This Cloud Looks JUST LIKE Winnie The Pooh [PICS]

If your kids love Winnie The Pooh, show them this pic of a cloud that looks just like him…

Here’s the “real” Winnie The Pooh: 34 more words


A Life Does Not Have to be Human to be Great

SAVING LUNA is an award-winning documentary produced by Mountainside Films, and directed by Michael Parfit and Suzanne Chisholm.

It tells the true story of a lone baby orca named Luna, who was separated from his family and tried to befriend people on the west coast of Vancouver Island. 302 more words

Psychology & Human Nature

Woman swaps her dog's face with celebrities'... and it's amazing 😆🐶

Photographer Olivia Lazer has an incredible series of photos that feature her Photoshopping her dog’s face onto iconic photos of pop culture figures.  Her dog, named Zelda, is a Shuba Inu and has… 28 more words


An Inspiring Indian Dad and Husband

This story will touch your heart, maybe even your tears.  Aditya Tiwari is an amazing young man.  First he was the youngest man in India to adopt a child at the age of 25.   148 more words