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Natural To Blanket Our Beloved Domesticated Horse, Donkey Or Mule?

Is It Natural To Blanket A Domesticated Equine (horse, donkey or mule) when the wind chill and snow is horrific?

First let me step back in time and share how I came to my inner peace with the natural equine world. 999 more words


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Domesticated Equine (donkey, horse or mule) Need Us Humans To Use Common Sense. Rocket Man blanket nov 28, 2014 age 20

In the latest Hipster Cat vs. Badger news...

This article was in The Local.

My question (besides why I never get to see these badgers and beavers that apparently walk all over town ) is, how did they know the cat was a hipster? 19 more words


Out for a Walk

A few photos from a yesterday’s walk down Shoal Creek into downtown Austin.


This is a bee hive that the city covered up. The story I heard was that a couple of people working on the trail near the tree were stung multiple times and needed medical attention. 93 more words


Woman Turns Dead Cat Into A Purse [PICS]

A taxidermist turned a dead cat into a handbag – then sold the bag online for $400! Needless to say, some people are outraged! See the pics… 76 more words


The cutest kittens ever get another chance thanks to FURRR 911

This has got to go down as one of the most turbulent weeks in recent American history. There were acts of terrorism in Minnesota, New York and New Jersey. 361 more words