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Ducks climbing up a tree

These are 2 ducks climbing up a tree. It’s hard to see, but the tree goes pretty high. It goes at an angle, which is partly why they jumped on (not to mention little kids trying to chase them on the ground), but they also like some sort of berries they can only reach by climbing up. 33 more words


Politically Correct: the animal rights edition

As animal rights advocates, we have a duty to communicate animal rights education through evidence-based and enlightened methods.

What does it mean to be politically correct with respect to animal rights activism? 679 more words

Sunday Pause (Paws): Cino Going Back to the Vet

It’s Sunday! This Sunday I wanted to ask if you’ll take a break from the busyness and once again say a prayer for Cino.

Some of you know that back in January I had to bring Cino in for an ultrasound. 301 more words


Anti-poaching drive brings Siberias tigers back from brink

A WWF appeal aims to highlight the threat of habitat destruction and climate change on wild populations

In February, Pavel Fomenko was told that the body of a young female tiger had been discovered underneath a car parked outside the town of Luchegorsk, in eastern Russia. 759 more words


Midsummer’s Solstice

Yesterday started the traditional Midsummer’s Solstice celebrations in Latvia. I knew the best thing for me was to get a good sleep so I could stay up late to party. 46 more words


The house looked empty. There wasn’t a car in the driveway. No stirring. Taggert decided it was perfect. He’d do a run inside. Steal what he could take. 334 more words